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Cinematic trailer

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 News, Starcraft 2 screenshots, Starcraft 2 video on June 16th, 2007

There’s a huge interview about the making of the cinematic trailer (i.e. the starcraft 2 trailer). I got the link from my Blizzard insider newsletter, so go and subscribe to it if you haven’t already.

Back to the interview though, there’s a ton of info on the scenes, the creative process, and what not. Here’s a point that I liked:

StarCraft II will have cut-scenes just like the original StarCraft games, but one thing I’m really excited about is that this time, the controls for these scenes will be much more intricate than before. Since our graphics engine for the game itself can display a wide range of effects, such as normal mapping, we can actually create in-game cut-scenes of near-cinematic quality. And since we have more control over camera movement, unit animation, and lighting, our only limitations here are the engine’s limitations. A good part of the plot will unfold through in-game cut-scenes, but the most pivotal scenes are still being told through cinematics.

starcrat 2 trailer

The camera movements and the 3D engine mean that apart from excellent single player, we’ll potentially have an abundance of mods (like Diablo 2 mods) which could have their own cinematics:

Our plan is to make all the tools we use to create the in-game cut-scenes available to the players with StarCraft II. It’s always been our tradition to ship level-editing tools with our games, and I think that adds a lot to the success and longevity of games like Warcraft III and the original StarCraft.

I’m convinced! Now launch the goddam beta already!

Protoss Colossus

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 Protoss, Starcraft 2 Units, Starcraft 2 screenshots, Starcraft 2 strategy, Starcraft 2 video on June 13th, 2007

The Protoss Colossus is probably one of the most recognizable of the new Protoss units in Starcraft 2. It bares a close resemblance to the aliens in War of Worlds. It’s a huge walker, so in this respect it has a reference to The Empire Strikes Back.

Trivia aside, the Protoss Colussus looks like a replacement to the Reaver. The Reaver has a splash attack (scarabs) and apart from it’s obvious role as a ground support for Zealots, it is often used in hit-and-run missions on enemy bases. The shuttle carrying a reaver and support troops is definitely one of the better weapons in the Protoss arsenal, especially against Zerg expansions.

See the Protoss Colossus in a gameplay video and you’ll see it shares some of the Reaver characterstics.

Now, all the hit-and-run missions aside, the Reaver was definitely one of the LEAST utilized Protoss units. Its slow speed combined with the AI of the scarabs meant its usefulness was limited.

Protoss ColossusSo what have changed in Starcraft 2? For one, the colossus still makes an excellent raider (see screenshot).

The Colossus has kept the splash attack but this time it’s not easy to evade it or mis-direct it with a few dancing Zerglings. In addition, you don’t need a shuttle to move it to higher/lower ground.

Going back to rock-paper-scissors, the Protoss Colossus looks like a hard counter to mid-game Zergling drops and Terran marine-medic push. It has to be a tier 2 Protoss unit in order to have a chance to counter the above. I’ll be extremely surprised if it turns out it has an air attack as well. So while the Colossus is the ultimate ground weapon, the Protoss Mothership still rules supreme in the air.

Starcraft 2 HD Gameplay videos

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 News, Starcraft 2 screenshots, Starcraft 2 video on May 22nd, 2007

Blizzard has been kind enough to post high resolution versions of the gameplay video we got earlier. I viewed the 1280×768 video on my new 20″ LG display and I’m definitely looking forward to more of this! I love the fact Starcraft 2 is now 3D.

HD Gameplay videos

1280×768 Resolution

720 x 404 Resolution (not recommended!)

Top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 News, Starcraft 2 strategy, Starcraft 2 video on May 20th, 2007

Gamespot has a detailed interview with Blizzard’s top creative talent, including Rob Pardo.

Here’s some of the key points that have surfaced about Starcraft 2 gameplay, apart from the obvious fact Starcraft 2 is now 3D!

1. Quantity vs. Quality

As opposed to Warcraft III where the player controls a few units with many different special abilities, Starcraft 2 will be a numbers game, says Pardo:

Starcraft 2 [units] will instead act as “movers and shooters”–mostly autonomous forces that generally lack special abilities, but will instead be used in large control groups to “do their own thing” in battle, rather than requiring the micromanagement of high-level Warcraft III play.

2. More emphasis on economic activity

starcraft 2 gameplayAnother comparison to Warcraft III which had relatively little emphasis on the economy, so players can focus on battles instead. Starcraft 2 will have its pronounced emphasis on bases and expansions as a means of achieving victory.

3. Rushing – strongly encouraged

Unlike Warcraft which introduced neutral creeps to keep the players occupied, Starcraft 2 will put more emphasis on rushing. Engaging the enemy early and keeping him occupied will distinguish good players from mediocre ones. Which leads us to…

4. The good, the bad, and the GOSU

According to Pardo, Warcraft III was more forgiving to beginners (and lamers!). In Starcraft 2, the gap in the level will be a lot more evident. Pro players will be able to mow down their opponents in record time by way of builds, multitasking, quick expansions, uber units like the Protoss Mothership:

Starcraft 2 … will appeal to hardcore fans by being geared toward “highly competitive, skill-based gameplay,” as well as by efforts to “continue to drive new features onto”.

5. Beyond rock-paper-scissors

Starcraft 2 units will introduce more and more subtle ways to counter the opponent’s strategy. The key to good counters will be timing, maneuverability, and position (there’s a brand new implementation of higher ground – more damage, fog of war).

The protoss phoenix, a flying raider, has a special “overload” ability that creates a damaging energy field around itself, then renders it immobile and helpless shortly afterward. In a simulated battle between a player with six phoenix units and another player with only four, the player with six phoenixes apparently chokes and uses the overload ability too early, allowing the other player to dodge out of harm’s way, then arrange the four phoenixes around the now immobile six in a loose formation and overload the six into oblivion.

If you have any other insights, feel free to comment below and I’ll expand the list! Make sure you check out the Starcraft 2 trailer and the new gameplay videos, they’re full of insights.

Starcraft 2 gameplay videos

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 News, Starcraft 2 video on May 19th, 2007

Once you’ve seen the official Starcraft 2 trailer, scroll down for the gameplay videos.

I love it when she says: “Nuclear launch detected!” This game is going to be like a nuclear launch … especially in Korea.

Starcraft gameplay – video 1

Starcraft gameplay – video 2

Starcraft 2 is now official

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 News, Starcraft 2 video on May 19th, 2007

Blizzard has just announced the sequel to Starcraft. I must say it was about time. The original Starcraft came out in 1998, almost a decade ago.

Starcraft 2 splash

I’m over at
to go through trailers, screenshots, and other goodies!

Starcraft 2 is 3D!

Posted in Blizzard, Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 News, Starcraft 2 screenshots, Starcraft 2 video on April 3rd, 2007

Update: Blizzard have released a Starcraft 2 trailer and several gameplay videos – all in georgeous 3D. The new 3D engine looks similar to Warcraft III, yet the effects look amazing. Specifically check out the Protoss Mothership animations!

It’s not that I don’t like 3D graphic but I value gameplay more. Here’s a group of guys who want to make Starcraft (the original one, not Starcraft 2) into a 3D game by using the Warcraft 3 engine.

Project Revolution is a mod that will convert Warcraft III into StarCraft: Brood War. So you’ll be able to play StarCraft in 3D. Sadly their FAQ says it’s only half complete after three years of development, but they will be doing a (closed) beta before release, possibly online via The team of fans, who are no professional voice actors he he, put together an impressive looking trailer of the PC/Mac mod.

You can visit their site here. Just don’t expect them to finish it any time soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Starcraft 2 comes out earlier than this mod!