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Top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3

Gamespot has a detailed interview with Blizzard’s top creative talent, including Rob Pardo.

Here’s some of the key points that have surfaced about Starcraft 2 gameplay, apart from the obvious fact Starcraft 2 is now 3D!

1. Quantity vs. Quality

As opposed to Warcraft III where the player controls a few units with many different special abilities, Starcraft 2 will be a numbers game, says Pardo:

Starcraft 2 [units] will instead act as “movers and shooters”–mostly autonomous forces that generally lack special abilities, but will instead be used in large control groups to “do their own thing” in battle, rather than requiring the micromanagement of high-level Warcraft III play.

2. More emphasis on economic activity

starcraft 2 gameplayAnother comparison to Warcraft III which had relatively little emphasis on the economy, so players can focus on battles instead. Starcraft 2 will have its pronounced emphasis on bases and expansions as a means of achieving victory.

3. Rushing – strongly encouraged

Unlike Warcraft which introduced neutral creeps to keep the players occupied, Starcraft 2 will put more emphasis on rushing. Engaging the enemy early and keeping him occupied will distinguish good players from mediocre ones. Which leads us to…

4. The good, the bad, and the GOSU

According to Pardo, Warcraft III was more forgiving to beginners (and lamers!). In Starcraft 2, the gap in the level will be a lot more evident. Pro players will be able to mow down their opponents in record time by way of builds, multitasking, quick expansions, uber units like the Protoss Mothership:

Starcraft 2 … will appeal to hardcore fans by being geared toward “highly competitive, skill-based gameplay,” as well as by efforts to “continue to drive new features onto”.

5. Beyond rock-paper-scissors

Starcraft 2 units will introduce more and more subtle ways to counter the opponent’s strategy. The key to good counters will be timing, maneuverability, and position (there’s a brand new implementation of higher ground – more damage, fog of war).

The protoss phoenix, a flying raider, has a special “overload” ability that creates a damaging energy field around itself, then renders it immobile and helpless shortly afterward. In a simulated battle between a player with six phoenix units and another player with only four, the player with six phoenixes apparently chokes and uses the overload ability too early, allowing the other player to dodge out of harm’s way, then arrange the four phoenixes around the now immobile six in a loose formation and overload the six into oblivion.

If you have any other insights, feel free to comment below and I’ll expand the list! Make sure you check out the Starcraft 2 trailer and the new gameplay videos, they’re full of insights.

Here's a couple of guides to help with your Starcraft - build orders, maps, units, tactics.

152 Responses to “Top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3”

  1. kayfour Says:

    “rather than requiring the micromanagement of high-level Warcraft III play.”
    looks like this noob hasnt seen a boxer match in his life

  2. lolololol Says:

    Can’t wait for Starcraft 2 Dota :S

  3. JP Says:

    What is the ETA for release?

  4. admin Says:

    Hey JP, no ETA yet. As Mike Morhaime put – we’ll take as much time and money as we need to in order to make this a great game. My guess is beta by year end, release in early 2008.

  5. marcello Says:

    seems like a boring game.. nothing new here, really.
    looks like a ten years old game, with warcraft 3 graphics :P

  6. Drood Says:

    “Starcraft 2 … will appeal to hardcore fans by being geared toward “highly competitive, skill-based gameplay,”

    In other words if you’re someone with a life, who likes to play for fun and not invest every waking minute playing, go buy some other game, since you’re gonna be screwed with SC2.

    Was really excited about this, but when I read stuff like that, I just weep.

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  8. cake Says:

    marcello you cant be serious…

    StarCraft 2 will do for StarCraft what WarCraft III did for WarCraft.

    As for being a “10 year old game”, its still regarded as one, if not THE greatest RTS in existence.

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  10. dootzky Says:

    wrong ppl, wrong!

    3D engine suck, multiple reasons:
    - lack of battle oversight
    - too much effects, cool for 9y-old kids , but it just makes it HARDER for players to see important details of every combat situation
    - hardware demands are higher, for what? i don’t want to “roll my camera around” either way, plain stupid.
    - besides, 2D graphics ARE PRETTIER, and much more precise, and much more eye-candy. i don’t want to see big-3d-based-objects in game, pretending to be units. sucks. i want real hi-quality 2D stragegy. top!!

    all in all – this could be very very big disapointment, but let’s hope blizz know what they are doing, and let’s hope that this is not just some lame attempt to “cash-in” on original Starcraft…


  11. Skvall Says:

    Since when did Blizzard make simple sequels only to cash in? And do you think Blizzard badly needs money right now? ;P

    Could be nice with 2D graphics though.

  12. Lank Says:

    I have yet to be disappointed in a Blizzard game. Too bad it wasn’t World of the Lost Vikings they announced though… ;)

  13. jok3r Says:

    Normally I’d be with you guys on wanting 2D graphics, but having seen the SC2 demo I have to say that there’s no way in hell 2D graphics could stand up to the 3D masterpiece that Blizzard is cooking up.

  14. krav Says:

    “but will instead be used in large control groups to “do their own thing” in battle, rather than requiring the micromanagement of high-level Warcraft III play.”

    and this in the same interview…..

    “In a simulated battle between a player with six phoenix units and another player with only four, the player with six phoenixes apparently chokes and uses the overload ability too early, allowing the other player to dodge out of harm’s way, then arrange the four phoenixes around the now immobile six in a loose formation and overload the six into oblivion.”

    so micro is an option if u dont want to be good?

  15. Ray Says:

    I love Blizzard :)

  16. blah Says:

    “Starcraft 2 [units] will instead act as “movers and shooters”–mostly autonomous forces that generally lack special abilities, but will instead be used in large control groups to “do their own thing” in battle, rather than requiring the micromanagement of high-level Warcraft III play.”

    Sounds like they are moving back in the direction of RTS and away from real time tactics. More like Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation and less like SC->War3

  17. Hamad Says:

    WarCraft 3 was forgiving to beginners? what in the world is he talking about?, Micro Management was very hard in the game considering how fast the battles were.

    I want to play this game to have fun, not to become a world champion or something. If I can’t compete in this game why should I bother?

  18. Nicoli Sanchez Says:

    The problem with these 3d graphics RTS games is if you’re not looking in the right direction you don’t notice things that might be very important… Noone wants to have to rotate the camera around just to figure out why the hell they can’t build that building where they want, to find out there’s some tree in the way, which you couldn’t see because a wall was in the way.. etc, etc, etc.

    The more I look at this game the more I realize all it is is the same old Starcraft with WC3 graphics, and a few new units.. That’s it. That’s what we’ve waiting a decade for.. Better graphics.

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  20. norcal311 Says:

    I think Blizz needs to keep a close eye on turning off casual gamers to SC2. Hell, they released everything live in Korea, where SC is basically the National Sport, those guys are on SC like Tyrone Biggums on a crack rock. Where is the love blizz? As things pan out I might just stick to WoW rather than attempt to immerse my life into a game that already sounds quite demanding.

  21. maxi Says:

    IMO, Starcraft with better graphics is just what the doctor ordered for the RTS genre :D

    SC1 was perfect. If SC2 will also be perfect, then i am not the one to mind a decade of wait.

  22. Leo Says:

    “The more I look at this game the more I realize all it is is the same old Starcraft with WC3 graphics, and a few new units.. That’s it. That’s what we’ve waiting a decade for.. Better graphics.”

    @Nicoli and marcello
    So far, all we’ve seen is a midget demo compared to the whole game, so I wouldn’t be quick to criticize them yet for job poorly done. I don’t know if thats all they’ve changed. For all we know, they could be adding even more classes and possibly even heroes (Raynor, Kerrigan, etc.)

    “WarCraft 3 was forgiving to beginners? what in the world is he talking about?, Micro Management was very hard in the game considering how fast the battles were.

    I want to play this game to have fun, not to become a world champion or something. If I can’t compete in this game why should I bother?”

    Believe it or not, some people in Korea live off solely playing games. Kids will get TONS of money just to play as a “pro-gamer” on TV. We (Korea) have tons upon tons of channels displaying Starcraft games on TV. Even now in 2007.

  23. mordain23 Says:

    what all these games need is is a player ranking / matching system, so you can find players of similar skill quickly and have enjoyable matches, rather than be wiped out by geeks with no life who play 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

  24. BooLikesMeat Says:

    Guys the game will be awesome in 3d. The interface will not be confusing or make the game look like crap… I have been playing 3d RTS games ever since Warzone 2010, Games like that and Emperor battle for dune. Really pwn, and lets not forget Dawn of war. Now granted I am a major Starcraft fan I play every day on bnet. I am still kinda worried that Blizzard might fuck up the game.

  25. DaXtermGuy Says:

    I remember before starcraft originally came out, it looked a lot like warcraft. but that changed over time. I have no doubt blizzard will do the same here.

  26. Good One... Says:

    “As things pan out I might just stick to WoW rather than attempt to immerse my life into a game that already sounds quite demanding.”

    and WoW isn’t demanding…right?

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  29. Annatar Says:

    I’ll be happy if we get Xel’Naga and hybrid protoss/zerg races.

  30. Shoom Says:

    They’ve already announced it’s just the Terran/Zerg/Protoss from the originals, revamped graphics and new units.

  31. HighonPsi Says:

    Its ok if they have some heroes in the campaign or something like in Starcraft 1, but if they add heroes to melee gameplay like in wc3, I just wont play the game. Heroes completely ruined wc3 and I would be extremely disappointed if they added heroes to starcraft. As of right now im worried about the protoss mothership. An artificial limit of 1? Sounds fishy. Almost like a hero. Just make it cost a lot of food so that people cant spam them. No need for an artificial limit.

  32. HighTemplar Says:

    Food? You mean minerals and vespene gas.

  33. JVCline04 Says:

    You people are -idiots-, making ‘dissapointed’ judgements on a game that was JUST announced and you have no REAL technical information for. Sit your asses down and wait for real info, instead of complaining.

  34. Ghost Says:

    I still want my Starcraft: Ghost. I’d much rather have Ghost over SC2…

  35. Cowprince Says:

    What is this crap about not wanting 3D and wanting to stick with 2D… It’s ok, I understand, you’re the kind of person who still runs a 10 year old video card and doesn’t realize that there are better games out there than Counterstrike and Starcraft…

    Time to, at least, come to into the year 2000…

    Ok enough condescending talk, the game will be fine. It’s Blizzard. It’ll be good.

  36. 0rmmm Says:


    Starcraft is the same way, if you find simplicity in Starcraft, you will most likely find it in SC2 as well. You don’t have to play against uber Koreans every match, you know.

  37. ParoX Says:

    “They’ve already announced it’s just the Terran/Zerg/Protoss from the originals, revamped graphics and new units.”

    Actually, all the language I’ve seen about it has been vague. We know those three races are returning, but nowhere have I found a quote that says there will be “only” 3 races.

    “You people are -idiots-, making ‘dissapointed’ judgements on a game that was JUST announced and you have no REAL technical information for. Sit your asses down and wait for real info, instead of complaining.”

    ^ Yay!

  38. JUSTINB Says:

    impatiently waiting… hope its up to my expectations…

  39. someguy Says:

    Most of you have seen “high-level” play in both SC and WC3. What makes the SC formula so ‘boring’ compared to WC3 is the fact that only certain units are built to counter the opponent.

    You always see Vulture+Tank vs Dragoon+Zealot, or Lurker+Swarm vs Marine+Tank. It’s the same shiet over and over. The winner is the one with the highest APM/Minerals.

    Hopefully SC2 will have this boringness issue resolved.

  40. third Says:

    Im sure Blizzard wont fail us!

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  42. DrAgOn-Skindred Says:

    “I still want my Starcraft: Ghost. I’d much rather have Ghost over SC2…”

    Sorry to say it but Starcraft: Ghost was scratched due to Microsoft producing it either through copy-right infringment or buying it from Blizzard (highly doubtful) Was originally supposed to be released for Playstation 2 but that didnt happen :/. As for Blizzard games in general i have never been disappointed by what they have produced between Starcraft / BroodWar, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2 / Expansion, and WoW (Should release a WoS [World of Starcraft])

    Making asumptions about a game that hasnt been released further than a few videos? Thats childish. Just because you have seen “videos” of SC2 doesnt mean you know “everything” about SC2. Now under my power and knowledge i do have which isn’t a little seeing as im a Starcraft Administrator and have some inside of this, DO NOT make assumptions to something you know nothing about. The trailers you have seen are not fully developed. They will stick to the original Zerg / Terran / Protoss races but will be introducing a new race called Vixen. This race is a cross between Protoss and Zerg.

    As far as production goes on the “new” Vixen race, Blizzard from what i have saw has only created the “miners”, also known as workers, and a small scale of units, about three. Now the information you are giving in this post is nothing more the rubish. 3D graphics a problem? Lets see what happened to Warcraft –> Warcraft 3? Did it not too go through the same change from 2D -> 3D? Stop criticizing something you have nothing but “video” knowledge from. This is the kind of thing that makes Blizzard not want to release new games because of the “contructive” criticizing.

    Now as I would advise you to do is just wait for the release of SC2 before “jumping the gun.” As a Blizzard employee I havent seen a thing wrong with the new SC2. I’ve played some of it (beta) that was released to insiders only to see what they thought of the game. Out of the 25 people who played the game 23 of them liked and the other 2 was not sure. Now if that doesnt tell you that the game isnt a fraud and isnt a makeshift WC3 then I dont know what does.

    Also, things I hear that Blizzard is making the game for money purposes only? Blizzard has released games for customer satisfaction not for the money. If it wasnt for the customers then how would Blizzard make money? Blizzard aims on pleasing its gamers. Now i have heard from many people that Blizzard will be frauding a release and saying that Blizzard will not release the game. FALSE. Blizzard is and will release the game. Beta versions will be released end of 2007 (from what I have heard, Do not quote me on that) And the real release for the game is looked foreward to not the beginning of the year but near mid-summer. Blizzard would have released Sc2 this year but the much anticipated Halo-3 is coming out in the winter.

    Now, These little “knowledgements” you have heard down the grape vine is FALSE, The information that I have just given you is true and is not to be hung of the water in low regards. I expect people to have the “true” facts and not some makeshift facts that some “wanna-bes” have concieved from the thoughts they think they “know.”

    Just wait for the release. Dont rush Blizzard to create something that will be “imperfect.” They work hard enough under pressure. This doesnt mean give them more. Blizzard employees read these every day. Ecspecially the programmers. Now keep your little minds afloat because Blizzard has more than just this up their sleeve.

    Read Carefully and i expect no more “know-it-all” remarks.

    Your friendly Starcraft Administrator AdminAnarchy@useast

  43. somebody Says:

    This is NOT the first game released by Blizzard, if you have any doubts as to there ability, find some of the original pics of Warcraft3, and Starcraft
    The original Warcraft3 (pics can be found in pcgamer preview, november 1999) let’s just say that while the core idea was there, “parties not armies”, it still had a long way to go, AND IT DID.
    As for the original released pics of Starcraft… the less said the better (apparently the Zerg had meet the Orcs, and had copied there lovly ship designs… for space-ship use), it look to be shaping up to a be a Warcraft-2 clone (in space), and it was so much more then that.
    They have a reputation to uphold, and they haven’t let us done for over a decade.
    Trust Blizzard, they know what their doing.

  44. somebody Says:

    the Zerg had taken their building design from the Orcs, not the ship designs

  45. DrAgOn-Skindred Says:

    As I say, I am not one to question Blizzard because I work for them. Now as for the pictures I do agree. Blizzard hasnt let anyone down yet and they hope not to. And trus tme i know its not the “first” game released by Blizzard. I play WC2 / WC3 / Diablo2 / Expansion / Starcraft / BroodWar / World of Warcraft. So i do know the basic game plays of ALL the games.

    Your friendly Starcraft Administrator AdminAnarchy@useast

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  47. DrAgOn-Skindred Says:

    English please?????

    Your friendly Starcraft Administrator AdminAnarchy@useast

  48. Duke Says:

    lol i like blizzard :) Whens Starcraft comming out?:|! I WAnT TO PLAY IT NOW!

  49. Kristian Says:

    Listen up for all the stupid people who are saying SC2 will sux based on the video i just watched i am so freakin excited about this game its been in the making for so long and i cant wait for it. I just hope it is similar to the first one, the one thing i hope is that its nothin like WC3. WC3 is a great game but to me its totally not a real time strategy. Its a game based on Heros they do everything in the game i love that aspect of it its great i just hope SC2 is more Economy based and more controlly of the map based also i love the fact that in SC BR unit counters where overwhelming in the sence that certain units totally owned others. Like vulture vs zealot or Lurk vs M&M i loved how fast battles took place too if you werent payin attention you could loose most of your army in seconds. I am a terran player and this example is comes from playing zerg players and not paying attention to my marriens, bein occupied with expo. Lurks could completly destroy Marriens. I really want to see mass counters like that in SC2 where if u just get the right units you could dominate. I also loved the idea of takin over the map and controllin resources it seemed so real. In WC3 ive had times where i get 3 – 4 expo and some dough with one expo but the right moves kills my army and its over, because there was no macro in WC3 u rarly needed more then 2 builings to build any units.

  50. song Says:

    when will be the official release???

  51. HighonPsi Says:

    “Food? You mean minerals and vespene gas.” No I mean food. By food I mean supply depots, pylons, and overlords. If it takes up a lot of this then you would not be able to spam 500 of them, and then there wouldnt be a need for an artificial limit.

  52. phrEe Says:

    w00t! For a while I thought all of this was just another rumor just another rumor. I can’t really remember being this excited about a game. :)

    Starcraft is one of the best games I’ve ever played, I’m sure the sequel to the – dare I say – BEST RTS game in existence will be %100 worth it. What makes me so sure?

    Warcraft, Diablo, Lost vikings, Rock & Roll racing, Blackthorn, etc.. all of these games were a lot of fun and are a favorite for many people.. guess who made them? ^^

  53. Deepwolf Says:

    What I keep missing in Blizzard RPGs is an encyclopedia, like in civ, Planescape: torment, C&C and even Dune 2. This bit of further information always gives the games a deeper grasp.
    I know that unlike SC I’ll be able to zoom in and see how the units look like (I still have some Zerg units I haven’t the slightest idea of what side their head is).

    Basically, a nice concept art and the description that’s already there in the official website would be enough.

    Just a suggestion


  54. Deepwolf Says:

    Sorry, I meant RTS

  55. Chrysalisk Says:

    I’m really obssesed with SC2. I love Starcraft (and Blizzard in general). I don’t really interested in any RTS except of Starcraft ,or Warcraft series.I’m far from Pro, but I understand the concept of Starcraft to certain degree. Now let me spew some piece of ideas (since it seems that I can see Protoss Interceptors dancing above my head X) ).

    1.Quantity vs Quality
    I agree that that Warcraft III is about quality ( => micromanagement) and Starcraft is about quantity ( => macromanagement). But I still hope that it doesn’t lead to the point that peoples catch to the ideas of winning by numbers, or by mass forces. It will be good if winning is not always decided with the sheer number of armies(or completeness of types of units), but with good ,creative, and well-planned tactics (or strategies in the long run). just like Eastern war strategies (Sun Tzu’s – Romance of The Three Kingdoms) ,like using terrains as protection, as offensive means, for stelthy ambush, or to affect mobility. I know that it doesn’t really fits with Starcraft, but I hope that it still be something for Blizzard to cornerns.

    2.Emphasis on Economy.
    I see that difference of Starcraft and C&C franchise is that in C&C economy is the major factor, if not the main focus of war.In C&C everything is matter of resource management :to gain resource and disburse it. GDI’s units are more effective in utility but not efficient .NOD’s units are very efficient but less effective.Money is like “Magic points”, it consumed to create infantry, stronger units, and strongest units; to pop structures; Also to use magics :Nuke /Ion Cannon for instant wipeout(and you can’t do nothing to stop that when it is ready, except blow up their tech center, or perharps disable the power). Money rules.
    But, IMO, in Starcraft; economy (and battle) is a part of war strategy and chain of decisions.It plays big role, but not the biggest one; there are many factors to be considered. (about the nukes, it triggered with Ghost; and need to be deployed correctly to watch the fireworks ;and also can be stopped/get rid of, and the ghost becomes dead ghost :) ).
    Personally I hope that Blizzard add another aspect in the macro strategy to further upgrade the complexity (but not ruining it) .I mean something that can emulate tactics of winning by conversion (like in Ages of Empire) that can mess the big military forces. I can thinking of perharps it will be good if Blizzard futher enchance that concept of “capturing” .You know, Queen can infest Terran’s command center and make the suicidal Infested Marine. I think it can be better if each race can “capture” the technology of the opposing race (by engineer in CnC),by certain methods in any length of the game; and by further research ,can adopt technology of different races, (not producing ALL the units of opposing race,but produce new unit) to make countermeasure of their racial advantage (shield,regen) or to further enchance the advantage of current unit (like,ghosts,or marines can use weapon that ignores Protoss’ shield and directly damage their HPs).The result may come in a really funky unit (or hybrid).

    3.Rushing is recomended
    Well, perharps Rushing is already become a part of strategy for RTS players .
    I just hope that in SC2 rushing player will take more decision and consideration to do the rush.
    These thing may not have anything to do with SC,but I’d like to give some insight:
    In 2D fighting ,there are type of “turtler” players, who always being very defensive ,and they tactics is to block and punish. Modern games tries to constrain this playing style, which is visually boring and too conservative; by giving systems like guard gauge , guard crush, unblockables,etc . On the other side, there are players who always aim for big combo (and one-combo-kill) to drive the opponent to oblivion. Developers balance this by giving damage scalings, maximum hit limits, gradual damage decreases, etc.
    Well ignore that and say that i’m on crack (or stimmed).

    4.The level of players.
    I heard that SC2 is aimed to be e-Games ,I translated that into :Blizzard want SC2 to accompany many factors in winning :strategy, tactics, (creativity), ability to adapt, etc,etc, including athletic (I mean unit maneuvering, mouseskills,etc). Well I hope that many aspects can be considered.(But those with those l337 skills can be killing sprees).

    5.Beyond rock-sheet-chainsaw
    Well, I think that a good game is when there is not only one solution for a problem.
    I have idea :that it will be very cool if unit upgrades is not linear (attack 1/2/3 or armor 1/2/3) but theres some system that look something like “skill tree”. So the unit can be “customized”, (but not ridiculously diverse that may break the game) so the unit can be unique(so x guy’s marine different from y guy’s marine) .The upgrade may further enchance the unit’s advantage, reduce unit’s weaknesses,or to add something new. So marine can stand with Zealots in close range (I see in the screenshot that marines have bayonette in their gun – no pun intended :) ).It comes with trade-offs, a unit with heavy weapon or diverse weapons,may don’t have chance to upgrade the armor; and moreover THE COST PER UNIT IS INCREASED, so Zerg can be Protoss-like(quality based with high cost), Terran can be Zerg like(quantity based,low cost), or something inbetween.

    Oh yeah,about higher terrains.I think elevation will be a major factor in the game .Perharps it’s the another “field”/ or “dimensions”. You know, in SC1 actually there are 3 dimensions :Ground, Aerial, and Stealth> The third dimension should be limited.

    That’s some ideas. Sorry , I’m just overexcited. G, I think I can see Mutalisks dancing above my heads.

  56. Bill Says:


  57. AsUS-1 Says:

    Damn, im just trying to understand how ppl can judge this game which was just announced 1 week ago….. I mean come on it’s blizzard,the finest game makers to ever live.
    If u dnt like, thats fine. we dnt give a shit what u like seriously, why bother posting (I HATE SC2) on an sc2 website…. damn…… sooo sooo stupid!

  58. bluejay Says:

    well, sc2 doesnt suck at all… though im not a pro since i cant call myself yet, im well aware how sc works, every unit and its special traits, and how marine sucks with lurkers. you know, they are creating RTS, and you as a player will do more of a strategy rather than a lame suicide. if im cautious enough, ill be bringing a SV over them to detect unseen objects. well, if i dont have one, i better not take off my sight while im on attack coz by the moment i noticed lurkers are there, use a scanner, and my siege tanks will take care of ‘em since i have them by the moment the enemy has a lurker.

    besides, you dont attack just for suicide, and if i foreseen the enemy to be stronger and i stand no chance at all, ill retreat for the meantime and make some anti-units for the units they have created and think of a better strategy to overcome his.

    but i do agree on one hand about the video, it will require a lot add-ons on my unit or better have a new one. LoL. but no kidding, I LIKE THE GAME! and WC? there’s no really that much strategy you apply comparable to SC b’coz of its hero system. no offense but that’s how i see it, ive played both, since there’s no hero, have a better strategy to the other one.

  59. Noj Says:

    I think SC2 looks just like the original SC simply with pretty 3D rendering. Honestly, I was bored by the trailers (except for the graphics). Looks like SC 1.5 to me, or just a good WC3 mod…

    That being said, I have faith that Blizzard will change a lot and make this game a lot different in a better sense by sometime in 2009. Hopefully at least 2 new races (hey, we already tried the 4 race thing in WC3)! Look, I have faith in Blizzard to make SC2 great, but currently I’m dissappointed.

  60. dootzky Says:

    all you fan-boys -> just chill.

    nobody “hates SC2″, just the opposite, but the main FOCUS here is that they don’t tend to create “shiny game”, but GOOD GAME. i don’t care if it has 3D or 4D od 525D graphic. fuck that. i want to see QUALITY game. balanced game.

    we love SC. that’s why we want to see that SC2 is made even better.

    and as far as “cowprince” is concerned, all of us have “2d graphic cards from 1986..” – pff.. sheesh. you dude, are retared. and arogant.

    typical reason why blizz will make this game “for the masses”, with the attitude: “if it shines, it must be GOOD”. morons like this cowPrince (great name, thou’), will buy a game only if it’s super-3D. Lho-s-her!

    k33p up the good work, i hope blizz doesn’t disapoint us.

  61. Steve II Says:

    Well, first off, let my just say this, I love Blizz!!! I played Warcraft, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3 (til my GOOD vid card was removed) I played Wow at my friends house… I played Starcraft, BroodWar (what do ya think is in my CD-rom right now;p ) First off,
    that trailer may hae just turned me off of my SC2 craze (okay, not really, but I’m not happy with it!)
    I watched it here (after a poor attempt to download it) and it didn’t even show what I wanted to see, I want action!
    I have a few issues though as of yet, haven’t looked for the answers…

    1st “do their own thing” does that mean that they can follow orders like in Dark Reign, where I needn’t supervise them, and also, them doesn’t mean they have TOTAL freedom does it?

    2nd The graphics, I am worried I can’t play it, I have a poor vid. card again (not to mention I am as of now, running off of Win98) I did like War3 with 3d graphics, though I see where people stand against them. I just had kept zoomed out if combat got hot, that way I could see what was going on. ONLY in my cool-off time did I zoom in to see the scenery. If I can do that with SC2 then no worries, DrAgOn-Skindred please address this issue, it will shut up at least a few dozen people (if they know how to use their mouse/mice) I liked the 2d graphics, I won’t lie, I favor them for RTS but only because the camera is placed in a certain spot, so to speak (sorry that I’m not much with words, I am TRULY sorry) and that spot is perfect for RTS games, so you can see more.
    You say that SC2 is expected to be released sometime in early 08 (I think that’s what I read) I hope to have my computer affairs in order my then, but remember I’m graduating then, so have my graduation present out there (without bugs) I am confused reading some of this, but I learn through experience. Also, I concur about WOS only, I’d rename it UOS or GOS (universe/galaxy of Starcraft, seeing as how I doubt this just one planet) and I’ve never seen Blizzard halfa.. anything. (except for the lack of videos for Brood War, which really pissed me off ) I’d love to say something about (or whatever it is) cept when we 1st owned the game, we didn’t use the internet that often, Now When I’ve got the internet, I’ve lost the encryption code, so I punched in ramdom codes until one worked (took a minute or two) but it’s foolish to think the true code wasn’t already registered on there (apparently it was, can’t blame a guy for hoping) but a rating system sounds great, you could have a entry level 1st, to rate someone’s skill, based on all the things I see in Brood War. I know you can’t expect it to be specific in details, but then we could ball-park our skill level some, that way it’s not Master vs. Novice
    (or past game history, somethin’ like that)
    anyways, I eagerly await SC2
    ps. I’m 90% positive that term used in SC isn’t “food” but control, I think you need to go back and play through SC (NOT Brood War, the original) this time I won’t be losing the code I WANT TO PLAY AGAINST PLAYERS!
    have a nice day, and enjoy SC2… i still hate the trailer though, that ain’t what I want

  62. Tags Says:

    1. I see no good reason why Blizzard would make SC2 2D or with low graphics. The game’s requirements go up but technology to meet them gets cheaper, so it balances. Yes you can move the camera around, which I’m sure will make for great cinematics. Blizzard wouldn’t make it so you can’t see what your doing, it wouldn’t make sense and it wouldn’t sell.

    2. I have no doubt that what was shown in the demo is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new units. There are now units that can travel up and down cliffs. Some units deal more damage the longer they fire on a target. Protoss have the ability to warp in new units and have mobile pylons. Units are no longer restricted to grids for unit size and movement. All of these things and more will have an impact on SC2 that makes it different from SC1. In my opinion better.

    3. The mothership differs from WC heroes in that WC heroes have levels. Note that in SC1 there are “heroes” too, but only in campaign. If the protoss are the only race with a “hero” and it unbalances the game Blizzard will probably patch it.

    4. “Rushing is recomended.” Rushing was already something to fear, and most skilled players defend against them. If your enemy has time to make units and send them at you, you have time to make equally powerful units and then some.

    The demo showed us a lot of new features for Protoss, I can’t wait to see what they give zerg/terran to balance it.

  63. DrAgOn-Skindred Says:

    The 3D world of starcraft 2 is a very versitial thing and will widely change the “microing” of many players to the extreme. Many people have anticipated the 3D world to be a “mistake,” but myself believes that it will be to blizzards advantage to do this. Now its not just create units and mass to one spot moving units around to keep them being damaged. Now it can actually be more elegant and decisive because not only can you move up and down left and right. But now u can rotate the screen for a better “microing arena.” the only problem that i have with it is the actual online play. Of course there is melee and top vs bottom. But will there be UMS? i have the beta version but its offline only. It is very elegant and i love playing it. Only thing is i wish it was online. Also for all you wondering. I do have some news on as how sc2 will connect to the net. It will still use the and useast,uswest,asia, and europe. But as to whether you will be connection with the other starcraft players. The answer is YES. News straight from the programmers themselves.

    Your friendly Starcraft Administrator AdminAnarchy@useast

  64. StarCrft OWNS Says:

    Dude Starcraft 1 was good. I betcha Starcraft 2 will never get old. By the look at it itll be the top game of world

  65. StarCrft OWNS Says:

    10 things why i cant wait too Get starcraft 2 1.The graphics i use to Think lings were dogs with horns. look at them now…..

  66. OH, GOD! Says:


  67. Mike Says:

    ok. SC2 looks good. i dont mind 3d. But i hope THEY DONT STUFF IT UP!!!!
    Like some previous games!!

  68. Furniture Daily News » Blog Archive » Top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 Says:

    [...] Rob Pardo.Here’s some of the key points that have surfaced about Starcraft 2 gameplay…read more | digg [...]

  69. Chris Says:

    Do you know why Blizz is telling us that we need high res vid. cards and good computers….Because by the time they finish making this game FUCKIN PERFECT thats gonna be the standard for computers….Nobody is going to complain when the game comes out about not being up to date with technology because every1 will already be up to date with what they require. I really want this game soon, but ima realistic fan boy…….this game isn’t gonna bo out for a long time. It’s blizz ppl, we know this by now.

  70. Top 5 különbség a Starcraft II és a Warcraft III között : Hell, it’s about time! Says:

    [...] MaxFreak.Com Starcraft2 [...]

  71. John Says:

    Im so excited and i cant believe i was ten years younger when i first played this but there is a reason the firdt one did so well-it had this dark Aliens-esqe frontier feel that was so great and awesome. why did yall have to make things looks warcraft and cute? i love what you guys do but please remember the concept that worked-and please use the same composer and not some Lord of the Rings style music. i scold you guys because i love you guys!

  72. Top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 « Pc Games Says:

    [...] read more | digg story [...]

  73. Starcraft 2 Says:

    I don’t like this difference number 4 “The good, the bad, and the GOSU”… The game needs to be playable by everyone, especially n00bs. N00bs are what makes up most of the population, without them there will not be enough players to create a competitve scene.

  74. Starfeeder Says:

    heh interesting, can’t wait for StarCraft 2! 0_0

  75. Bob Says:

    Obligatory parody!!!

    To win Starcraft 2, you must kill them, AdminAnarchy@useast! LULZ

  76. asd Says:

    i agree about needing noobs take it nice and slow and stop fast clicking micromangeing

  77. Me101 Says:

    Hey! What about heroes! That was like the biggest difference in warcraft 3 do they have heroes in stardraft 2?

  78. Zemus Says:

    Will Starcraft 2 have heroes? Thanks. When do you think we’ll hear a release date?

  79. star cop 5000 Says:

    how do i play the sarcraft 2 demo playable i cant find it!!!*going crayzy*

  80. BULGARIA2008 Says:

    I just want to mantion that smoe unts like zealots, siege tanks and some others lost their identiti.For na exapmple the zealots now have ugly movement.they move like ninjas.and the sige tanks look ugly spread on four sides.and there is something in the graphics that reminds of WC3 which is ugly too.In SC and BW there wash shining in the graphic but in SC2 the graphic looks cartoonish.Also the Roach (zerg unit) looks ugly as if some 5 yrs. old kid drawn it.

  81. Says:

    Starcraft 2 does not have heroes the same way Warcraft 3 did, however in the “World Editor” players will be able to create heroe units because the “experience” and “levels” feature is available (through the world editor – for custom maps). Expect to see some great mods!

    My estimate for the release date is late nov-dec 2008 or early jan-april 2009… however some people suggest it could take until late 2009 – I really hope not!

  82. K2 Says:

    PHhhh I can see Koreans mowing down people left and right
    up and down and in and out like whats goods.

    Beginners (noobs) should avoid playing against a korean as they
    might become too discouraged.

  83. Top 5 differences between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 | Diablo Junkie Says:

    [...] 5 differences between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 A while back we examined the top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. Now, it’s time to examine the Diablo 3 announcement, the demo and the trailer, as well as all [...]

  84. andrei07 Says:

    wtf this game ooooooooown and warcraft III is to cartoony for 12 years or more

  85. andrei07 Says:

    i have 3 reason that starcraft 2 is much better than warcraft III:

    1.starcraft 2 have some great great graphiques and the colours are are not too dark not too cartoony. Warcraft III have some not so bad graphiques but the colours are very very cartoony.

    2.starcraft 2 has a good history, those terrans that ariived in the korpulu sector.Warcraft III is a game about lots of factions fighting in a battlefield orcs, humans,night elf, centaurs i think , etc.

    3.Starcraft 2 will have a greatest terrain that this cartoony warcraft 3

    hope you wi8ll buy sc2
    and for pepoles that like warcraft 3 i don’t wanna insult them just say the true

  86. Juggalo Says:

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  87. Doom Says:

    SC2 is looking good. Was never a fan of the first though I did play it for a while. It just wasn’t as good as TA (Total Annihilation).

  88. Top 5 differences between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 | Daily Diablo Says:

    [...] while back we examined the top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. Now, it’s time to examine the Diablo 3 announcement, the demo and the trailer, as well as [...]

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  96. RegdarDin Says:

    It’s less that its a pure numbers advantage and more that they implemented a mix of numbers and abilities.

  97. LOTR Says:

    Hey folks…bad news..

    Starcraft 1 IS better than Starcraft 2. I can tell this, after testing the beta of Starcraft 2.
    In the original game you had many units, to control, they were smaller, easier to see and handle. The sounds were pore natural, a lot better than Starcraft 2, where everything sounds just synthetic. The troops and machines look old school, like warcraft 3, nothing like the original game, where you got the feeling of space age era, if you know what I mean.
    The mineral gather robots of Terrans look like they have torches in their back, instead of an all modern reactor for example. Also, the ship engine look like they are borrowed from warcraft 3, not like they are from the future. They totally messed up this game, blizzard will have a deception. They made Starcraft 2 just like Warcraft !!! If you wanna play warcraft, you get warcraft, what’s the point of this game anyway ? They say about ephic battles, well the maps are too damn small compared to the size of the units. You cannot have big numbers and you cannt group them as well. Also, the speaches of characters are quite pathetic. They have no connection with original starcraft and totally lack it’s shine and innovative feeling. This game is just another warcraft… They totally messed up the gameplay and feeling of this game.

    I give you an advice, if you wanna play agame that has feeling and fantastic gameplay, a true RTS, try Lord Of the Rings 2, Raise of The Witch King. That is a game developed by the developers of the original starcraft and it shows. Those people left Blizzard 4 years ago and the Starcraft 2 was developed by another folks and it shows. The people who made this game are complete lamers, to destroy such a fantastic game. Just try to play LOTR2 a few times and see what I mean. That is a reat RTS game, not this broken Starcraft2, where characters looks and act like pokemons,,, I really was a big fan of Starcraft.

  98. LOTR Says:

    Also, I forgot to mention that Zergs look like plastic !!! And apparently is difficult to play with them due to bad management of larvae. ALso Zerg speaches are pathetic.
    Only the Protos look somewhat better and play better, the units, music and speaches are a bit better than the other two races. But even like that, this game is really broken. It looks like a game for 5 year old kids, not for people who want to enjoy a good RTS game, like it used to be.

  99. LOTR Says:

    Another thing,
    It seems that a lot of abilities are missing. You lack the lock down ability of ghosts, you lack irradiate, you lack mind control and the dark arcon all together. Probably is a beta and that’s why, But I don’t think so, since if you join 2 dark templars, you got just another white arcon. Too much flames in the ships engines, to be credible. I mean who the hell is traveling in space with engines like torches ? You’ll be out of fuel in no time.
    Some folks might think this is an OK effect BUT IS NOT. It destroyes all the feeling of a true future SciFi RTS game. Really, for me as a big fan of this game, is a deception. I guess is even worse than Warcraft. Warcraft kept it’s gameplay, from the original and was an improvement, while Starcraft2 is a big deception for those fans of the original who wanted RTS and strategy, not puppets and dumb speaches.

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  119. Damn Says:

    Warcraft 3 is and will always be what it was years ago. SC2 just sucks, and players can’t see that. SC2 may have better graphics and stuff but WC3 has quality. Blizzard is just ruining the last remanings of WC3 with SC2, they should work for an WC4.

    Also, to keep WC3 save, Blizzard should unite all servers in one. It would increase population and would be easier to host games without bots.

    Save 1.0!

  120. neEDZMOAR Says:

    Response to the guys who trust blizzard not trying to “milk” out money from sequals:

    Take a look at WoW. it was a great game, I dont have words for how good it was. Now take a look at WoW:tbc. Also really awesome. Personally I loved the focus on pvp rather than pve and it was still a really REALLY great game for hardcoreplayers. Now compare the game and expansion with the other 2 expansions:

    WoW:Wotlk and WoW: Cataclysm.

    basically EVERYTHING was dumbed down. PvE was so much easier. not a single challenge. So much old stuff were reused (most of the pvpsets look exactly the same except for colours). Everything was suddenly supereasy and instead of focusing on making a game for the hardcore mmoers and serious players, Blizzard put the focus on all the casual gamers.

    PvP was dumbed down, classes became more faceroll. Blizzard didnt even bother with balance, every single class could 1 or 2 shot everybody due to the increase of damageburst in pve (both through gear, talents and new burst spells).

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