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Starcraft 2

Back in August (2006), Paul Sams did an interview in which he stated that Blizzard has three product announcements in 2007.

Paul Sams - Blizzard COO speaks on DiabloOne of them obviously is the World of Warcraft expansion which hit the stores on January 15. What about the others?

StarCraft is my absolutely favorite game of all time. As you probably already know, there is no doubt that we will continue the StarCraft and Diablo franchise, and trust me, I will be the happiest person in the world when we announce StarCraft 2.

According to IGN, while Sams wasn’t ready to spill the beans just yet, he did say Blizzard “will have a major product announcement in 2007,” and that Blizzard was currently working on at least three other unannounced titles at the moment.

Now that WoW is out of the way, it remains to be seen how Blizzard will play with the numbers. What’s next? Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3?

Updates: According to IGN, a Starcraft 2 beta will appear before the end of 2007. Also, there are recent rumors that Blizzard is preparing an official announcement on May 19 in Korea.

Here's a couple of guides to help with your Starcraft - build orders, maps, units, tactics.

175 Responses to “Starcraft 2”

  1. Robert Says:

    They should make another Starcraft game for several reasons, My first one is Starcraft is a futurestic game that is a stratigy game that is hard and a challenge on battle net.

  2. Infestedjoel Says:

    YAY!!! ABOUT TIME TO I was starting to lose faith in blizzard

  3. Sean Thompson Says:

    They are both AMAZING games. but Starcraft will win it for me.

  4. Brad Says:

    o live starcraft as much as the next guy, but really dude, how simplistic can you get. Command and conqour has the same qualitys you just named off.

  5. Raszagul Says:

    I am A Major Stracraft Freak.. i Allways have and will allways be a Broodwar fan..
    To hear that D3 and SC2 are being released is just music to my ears..

    Just Dont Blow It Broodwar!

  6. Ubisoft to double team at Outsource Bulgaria Says:

    [...] has focused solely on it’s US-based development studio (working secretly on Diablo 3 / Starcraft 2) and a marketing organization sprawling the [...]

  7. Joseph Says:

    Yo, I’ve got D1, D2,D2 expansion, SC, and SC brood war. To tell you the truth they wasnt as good as they could have been. SC brood war was pretty good for an expansion. D2 man that was crap(no offense) the gameplay was great but the way the magic was set up was all wrong,and you should have been able to play as male and female versions of all the characters (not allowing that was just plain lazy). It would have been better had you been able to learn magic like in D1. The expnasion for D2 wasnt much better. I loved having a druid and and assasin but they could have added the ability to play as both male and female versions of all characters. That would have solved that problem. Plus D2 had a problem with wanting to sign on to battlenet. Everyone i new always had problems with it not connecting to battlenet.
    These are the problems i thought the games had wrong with them. (I didn’t say anything about SC or the SC expansion because that would have taken too long [I'm not saying that there was alot of problems with it im just saying im to tired and am ready to go to bed])

  8. Sebastien Says:

    im for a diablo 3 and starcraft 2 and i go buy it when is out!

  9. Brandon Says:

    good WOW is getting to much on it, damn time u guys r orking on D and SC

  10. Josh Says:

    Fucking about timte!, oh and Joseph, go fuck urself, ur just rubbish at the games so u dis them, u dum mofafucka

  11. Degenerate Says:

    lol, probably true, hey i have this expansion for starcraft called retribution, the box and cd look all legit but everyone i ask about it says they have nver hard of it..

  12. jezza Says:

    diablo for sure. yettttt

    You want a piece of me boy!!!!!

    hope so soon.

  13. Wes Says:

    i agree with joseph on the fact that the option of male female would have been nice. i don’t on the other hand think this is a flaw to the game. i disagree with the statement about learning skills. the fact that there are soo many skills to choose from, and you only have about 104 points to place (given quests) makes the game even more of a challenge because you have to choose wisely.

    now, for SC. degenerate, i have NEVER heard of retribution. more power to ya for having it, and if you could, post a link to somewhere that has info on it. If you are a die hard SC fan, you know about the SC bonus level and the end of one of the campaigns. i forget which one. but, in the level, the protoss or splicing genes. i was just wondering if anybody knew anything about the possibility of that showing up in the new SC.

  14. Pakoo Says:

    Keep your mind on the story. we got villain´s in both games that are far more superior than any other game in the market. We got music, we got script, design, voice manager´s, sound mix… more than a game this is a story.

    Sounds like you dont know this gyus!

    Blizzard is famous for waiting to long for their title releases (Starcraft ghost or Warcraft Lord of the Clans), Blizzard took to long and canceld this titles and desapointed every single fan on the planet.

    Let the fans decide if a game is good or not!!… we are more than happy that you worry about quality and making a perfect work of art. but dude! the Monalisa took 3 years. You been playing fools for nine.

    You take so long that many people have grown impacient or lost intrest in the sequels. Sure you´ll think this is not a diehard fan but weve been waiting for long enough, so you better get to work.

  15. Lawson Says:

    I just want them both to have story lines consistant with the previous games and wrap of the series…if that ever will happen. In SC2 there should be a mission to either restore or kill Kerrigan. Its been a long time coming.

  16. devilzcry Says:

    I’ve been a harcore wow fan for a bit more than two years now. Though BC is out, I have gotten tired of lvling up toons and make new onces when I get bored of them. Just put out SC or a new Diablo. WoW is at its climax, you guys know this. Not many games dare to pass thier cap above 80. Like EQ, if you keep pushing, people will loose interest. Its time to bring back or creat a new legendary sequel. Remember Guild Wars is close to relasing thier fourth campaign which leads up to thier MMO, Guild Wars 2. Its a free MMO and I hope that Blizzard can get up the nerves to bring back an old sequel and make it great once again. I don’t care which one, just give us gamers something to look forward to. I am sure its SC2 that is coming out and I am currently in korea. I so want to go to it and see what blizzard will announce. Please not be a Pure MMO, be something special or else it will be just another wow.

  17. devilzcry Says:

    also, Diablo will probably never be a MMO. Yes I think if there is another diablo it will be RTS. The reason, look at wow. Alot of the playstyle, characters and so forth came from Diablo. Yes its warcraft but the gameplay is definitely diablo. I just hope wow adds more classes than what they have at time. A class that focuses on summoning wold be awesome. I know warlocks summon but its only one at a time.

  18. DarkELFDRizzt Says:

    A Starcraft MMO would be gay
    A new RTS would be cool though

  19. Ezra Says:

    wow, i’ve been waiting 10 years to play another StarCraft. I’d dont know much about the development but it better be another RTS. It will ruin it for me if its not. Why make a World of StarCraft when we havnt even found out what happens after Brood War? I love the story line and i’ve been waiting so long to find out what happens. Also they already have WoW, why make another game just like it? they need to stop focusing ONLY on WarCraft and bring us something new. StarCraft is my favorite game of all time. I was about to give up on Blizzard for making another StarCraft. I just hope they dont ruin it. But Blizzard is yet to disapoint me on their games. and now i feel like a big dork…

  20. Andrei Says:

    It’s official!! Go to

  21. admin Says:

    Yeah, I noticed!

  22. Russell Says:

    Hopefully it will be bedazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go starcraft!!!

  23. Danny Says:

    SC 2 will be awsome….
    Blizzard rocks!!!!
    I have been playing Sc for 7 years now,
    and still i think it is a good game.
    hope SC2 won’t be slow, or complicated(hard)….

  24. kim Says:

    Yes, great game. it will be a big hit for sure!

  25. jo Says:

    you wanted info on retribution, retribution is just an expansion pack not made by blizzard but it is authorized by them. it comes with a but load of new maps and a campaign but there are no additional units. oh, there are also a few new heros and stuff but the game is very hard to come by

  26. Zexel Says:

    I’ve played SC off and on since 97 one year after it came out. It’s great to see that it’s finally going to get some attention. I always liked the setting better than WoW. From seeing the demo video it seems like the strategies for building and fighting are going to get really complex which isn’t a bad thing … it’ll force players to be more versatile, but it will be much harder than the original.

  27. Russell Says:

    Wow I feel like the youngest player here! :(

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  29. joker22 Says:

    cmon Brad… command and conquer? compared to SC?? u got to be kidding me?! blizzard games are far more superior than that of the C&C games.. though C&C came out first, SC was the best RTS.. as far as the long w8, it was ok since they released the WoW, D2, D2 expansion, and W3.. dota came out so, for me, i had a lot of games to be busy with while w8ing for the SC2.. i’ve seen the preview in the official site and its cool! hope they release it soon!

  30. Jim Says:

    C&C does not even compare to sc…

  31. Daniel Says:

    These games are the best of all time in their field, i have no doubt in my mind… if you compare them to others such as command and conquer you just realise that blizzard are truly the best of the best. The perfect balance yet unlimited stat’s in these games makes them packed for ultimate fun.. cant wait for SC2.. already in a clan for it lol @

  32. Starcraft Fan Says:

    Starcraft 2 is going to be amazing. In fact, it already is. I saw video’s of it! The new units rock so far too, and I’m sure the story line for single singler player will be astonishing!!

  33. Starcraft Fan Says:

    And in response to Brad’s statement, one of the first comments up top; “but really dude, how simplistic can you get. Command and conqour has the same qualitys you just named off,”

    I say Starcraft is so well balanced, like chess. The game play is smooth my teeth used to be when I used to grind them down at night. Honestly, when I played Command and Conquer, I really liked it, except the visuals and the pace of the game were not to my liking, in my personal opinion.

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  35. Random: Diablo 3? « B0WJOB’s Blog Says:

    [...] I admit the StarCraft 2 announcement was quite a blow to any hopes of seeing Diablo 3 any time [...]

  36. Starfeeder Says:

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    The final blog layout and features are still in development, but currently we have up our developer’s blog :)

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  37. Starcraft 2 Says:

    ild rather SC2 than D3 anyways…

  38. starcraft 2 Says:

    the best place for starcraft 2 is easily

  39. Starcraft 2 Says:

    Hello guys, I see you’ve all visited here already :)

    Anderson :)

  40. brett Says:

    if sc2 comes out, you will just want sc3 and it will nvr stop

  41. other guy Says:

    To address the topic up top. Wow will never stop and is not over and done with. also i think there will be a starcraft mmo because diablo is to much like warcraft and also, ever notice how the warcraft expansion was just an introduction 2 wow? maybe starcraft 2 will be the same way. P.s I want sc2 now ty.

  42. other guy Says:

    Also does starcraft 2 require directx 10? i heard it does. i wish blizz told us about the requirements

  43. Starcraft 2 Says:

    I’m sure by the time the game comes out, which will still be a while most people will have the recommended requirements to play the game comfortably. All blizzard games work on pretty much anything. By the way are you Otherguy from wow server silvermoon??

  44. other guy Says:

    no, sorry to disapoint.

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    [...] does this new release hint at Starcraft 2 coming soon? I sure hope [...]

  47. IGN: Starcraft 2 beta by year end > - StarCraft 2 Fansite Says:

    [...] reports that a Korean site has started a rumor that provides details on Starcraft 2 – a Starcraft 2 beta release by the end of 2007. Here’s more: According to Fighter Forum, [...]

  48. Starcraft 2 announcement in Korea > - StarCraft 2 Fansite Says:

    [...] time to preview some content from the upcoming Starcraft 2. An ex-Blizzard employee has confirmed Starcraft 2 has been in development for some time and Blizzard are getting ready to start the hype [...]

  49. Starcraft 2 storyline > - StarCraft 2 Fansite Says:

    [...] StarCraft II will take place both in new worlds and in worlds that had appeared in the original game. Char is back. One of the new worlds is Bel’Shir, a jungle Protoss world that was a religious retreat until it was attacked by the Zerg; it now houses many ruined temples. The world shown in the cinematic is Braxis Alpha. Jim Raynor is set to continue his adventures. [...]

  50. Top 5 differences between Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 > - StarCraft 2 Fansite Says:

    [...] to Warcraft III where the player controls a few units with many different special abilities, Starcraft 2 will be a numbers game, says Pardo: Starcraft 2 [units] will instead act as “movers and [...]

  51. A Wored Player Says:

    Starcraft 2 is going to be one of the greatest games of all times but I am wondering when the zerg info will be up on the main web site and when there will be a demo for the general public?

  52. Emperor_Mangusta Says:


  53. Roddy Says:

    Um is SC2 out yet? and yes they should make a movie of all the games cause the graphics in the cinematics r cool!

  54. O_O Says:

    starcraft 2 yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ^.^

  55. O_O Says:

    thats true emperor there should b a move 4 starcraft 2 and 1

  56. Melina Says:

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  57. AswAnItUs Says:

    starcraft 2 is the greatest game but i have a question … when starcraft 2 is finish?…. i wish starcraft 2 finish soon .

  58. AswAnItUs Says:

    whats the news of starcraft II ?

  59. AswAnItUs Says:

    thank for your potential blizzard

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  61. JaimzTF Says:

    I am sick and tired of waiting for starcraft 2. I built a PC in anticipation and now the parts I built it out of are half the price, and I could have waited what a joke this sucks I’m going to go grey before the game comes out. Mabey my grandchildren will play it with me.

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