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Starcraft 2 Wiki

Now, this could be 100% true but somehow I doubt it. The (un)reliable source of this Starcraft 2 info is Wikipedia. I should add, it was deleted for not conforming to Wikipedia’s standards.

Information from the creators
Hello. We at Blizzard Entertainment like to let the fans know what’s going on with our products. For this reason, we have decided to release some StarCraft 2 information to some of our fans’ sites. We give you permission to post this information on your site.

First, there will be 4 races: Terran, Protoss, Zerg, and the Protoss/Zerg hybrid, called Vanix. Each race will have 5 new units, 2 new buildings, and new upgrades.

For the Terrans, they will have: Rocketeer (shoots rockets, has splash damage), Heavy Cruiser (improved Battle Cruiser, used in heavy assault situations), Wraith Bomber (it’s a bomber), Wriath Kamikaze (like the Zerg’s Scourge, but has guns too), and Cannon (not like the Protoss cannon, but more of a tactical strike cannon, immobile).

The Protoss will have: Mothership (improved carrier, holds 20 interceptors, more health, more shields), Nomad (physically improved Zealot, with an energy rifle), High Archon (a Dark Templar/High Templar meld, it will be like a Dark Archon, can mind control, and attack), Walker (combination of 5 Dragoons, slow, but very powerful), and Exploder (name may change by release, it’s just like an Observer, but can be sent in to detonate inside an enemy base.)

The Zerg will have: Hyperlisk (Ult! ralisk’s evolved stage, much quicker, and much more powerful, can burrow), Acid Colony (attacks both ground and air with acid), Creeper (does not attack, only moves underground, used for spying), King (like a Queen, but can attack, and infest any building of any race that produces soldiers, thus making things like Infested Siege Tanks that roll into areas and explode), and finally Bladeling (a bigger version of a Zergling, stands upright, and wields blades for arms.)

Second, here are some of the upgrades (some, not all, there are many more than this). The Terrans will have: The ability to make any building fly (including supply depots), Omega Ray (like the Battle Cruiser’s Yamato gun, the Heavy Cruiser’s Omega Ray will do much more damage), and (one of our favorites), the ability to eject from a vehicle. Let’s say a Siege Tank is about to be destroyed, you can eject the person inside, and you’ll be able to run away, thus saving a person for later use. The people inside the vehicles will be statistically better than Marines, they’ll have more health, do more damage, and have better range. Some Protoss upgrades include: Pylon mobility (yes, now you will be able to move your Pylons. It will be wheel based, so it can’t travel over water.), Dragoon Cloak (you’ll be able to cloak your Dragoons with this, we’re not sure if we will have this for Walkers though), and Fortify (a High Archon ability, it channels the shields of the High Archon into e! ither a building or another unit.

Zerg upgrades will include: Overlord bombing (you’ll be able to pick up bombs with overlords, and instead of just spying with them, drop bombs on your enemies) Zergling Acidic Sac (will allow Zerglings to spit acid), and Hyperlisk Trample (if a Hyperlisk encounters a small unit like a Marine, it can simply walk all over him and kill him) There will be some added graphic effects too, if you destroy a Battle Cruiser, it may either explode in the air (depending on the force of the blow) or it may fall to the ground, causing damage. Another cool effect we have planned, sometime when you destroy a Siege Tank, you’ll see the driver fly into the air, then plummet to the ground. We also plan the following: If a machine based unit is destroyed, it does damage to the units around it.

We do not have much information on the Vanix race, we have just started working on them. We may even throw in a hidden mission or two, or even a hidden race. The cheat codes will be changed, and they will still be disabled on Speaking of, it will be possible for 14 players to compete in a match, and it will be possible to change settings (day/night, fog thickness, etc.) Alliances will be chosen before the match starts, and cannot be broken. You will be able to ally with the computer as well.

Note: A StarCraft 2 wiki and a Diablo 3 wiki have been setup already.

Here's a couple of guides to help with your Starcraft - build orders, maps, units, tactics.

121 Responses to “Starcraft 2 Wiki”

  1. Degenerate Says:

    these are all lies……….. the fourth race is in the brood was expansion and it was not called the “venix”. The black dude who is a double agent for terran/zerg is one of them!

  2. Degenerate Says:

    StarCraft: Brood War Unlockable: Secret Level “Dark Origins”
    When you reach Mission 9 in the Zerg Campaign “The Reckoning” beat that level with at least five (5) minutes remaining.

    do this and see the truth….

  3. Degenerate Says:

    actually its ten minutes remaining, the skip level chat doesn’t work either so try to do it legit at first or try using god mode and pwing them

  4. lol Says:

    a big LoL

  5. Novar Says:

    This is going to be the BEST game ever!
    My Favorite race will probably change to Zerg to Vanix!

  6. Novar Says:

    Something i think should be in it:

    I think/hope, that you can land bulidings on enemy units and kill then in StarCraft 2! That would be so cool!

  7. Jed Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe this still exists. A LONG time ago, probably in 2000, I wrote up this email. I used a spoofer to fake the address, I set it to The original recipient of that email was Starcraft Gateway, a site that no longer exists. It spread pretty quickly, but eventually fizzled out and I thought I’d never see it again. It was a tiny little prank that apparently doesn’t want to die off.

  8. Chris Says:

    Look, the game exists and it has it’s own place on Blizzard. If you want to know what’s real go there. Oh, and as of this time, there is no 4th race.

  9. kevin Says:

    ok these are all lies…
    to see the REAL truth go to their officail site:

  10. Starcraft Says:

    Yeah that would be sooo nice! btw its also on

  11. hellohey Says:

    pleaseeeeeee delete this on front page
    this is a complete lie
    3 races ok?
    lol no more dragoons completely no more
    immortals are dragoons.
    and a mothership doesn’t have interceptors
    nomad= not true zealots are the same
    high archons probaly not true because dark templars are now stalkers
    and exploder will definitely not be in sc2 because that is just cheap
    wtf heavy cruiser? that would be cheap too. It’s still a battlecruiser
    lol ppl can eject hahahaha the person who made this up has a great imangination

  12. mark Says:

    There will only be 3 races!!!

    Online forum and Discussions here

  13. Chrysalisk Says:

    Hmm… actually (in my wildest imagination) I want 6 races ! :)

    But in realization, RTS that has 6 races will /tends to/forced to have symetric lineups of units (ex: Spellforce, Warcraft 3,Heroes series). I meant something like this
    - basic infantry
    - ranger
    - calvalry /high-rank infantry
    - spellcaster 1
    - spellcaster 2 (support)
    - siege units
    - aerial
    - special

    (flavors may vary per race)

    But I do believe that Blizzard is illuminated ,and when seriously challenged, will be able to make more than 3 races.
    The problem is dimension :
    Philosophically (in one of way of thinking) , [everything] in this globe can be divided into dualities (and the anomalies – I’m no Matrix fans) : black/white/inbetween , good/evil/inbetween, etc/etc/etc,…
    So apply this to starcraft :
    Low Quality – Moderate Quality – High Quality
    Low Cost – Moderate Cost – High Cost
    And cost related to quantities :
    Low Volumes – Moderate Volumes – High volumes

    and add speed, availability, etc .

    If the developer can find another dimension between those three (Quality,Cost,and Qualities) ,well I think 6 races is not impossible. (I meant 6 REALLY unique races)

    IMHO, Starcraft is Blizzard’s answer to CnC .It’s a classy refinement. I meant ,let see : Protoss’ Warp building system is [adopted] from CnC “magically pop off the ground” building system; Protoss Power resources is refinement of the previously mentioned game; SCV => MCV with heliums ;Deploying Siege tanks, Zerg creep building is somehow similar with CnC concentric building zone; Nuclear Strike = refined Nuclear Strike etc ,etc.. So ,well, with many RTS nowadays, I guess Blizzard actually can ["adopts the concept of another RTS -without mindlessly imitating- and further refines the concept an original idea"] to add different taste in SC.

    I myself thought of a race with all mechanical unit (Now that’s a stereotyped innovative idea :) ). The catch is this race (named along with something like, “the one”) is theolithic , and have an “avatar” that hold all the supply of all units, and is the main backbone of the race ,so if destroyed that’s instant defeat.The avatar have high HP slow like stone, start with nothing , and by allocating basic workers to maintenance the avatar, it gains levels and getting stronger. (The race doesn’t need to build supply buildings since the avatar hold the supply.But there is max. limit of unit supply per level and level up means max. unit limit increased – now that’s very Starcraft,isn’t it : you got unlimited supply, but somehow limited and the problem is management-) The avatar can be used as main military force, and by choosing to be offensive, it an be used to rush at early level; but the risk is very high. If the rush failed, that’s instant defeat. So it can used to be a role in supporting development ,or as a solid defense (since the other units are relatively weaker – in terms that they are hard to use) . But at high level ,the avatar -with many upgrade- may be a force to (really) reckoned with.

    Well that’s all . I guess I just lost my Stimpack. Sorry.

  14. Greg Says:

    I agree with Mark, there will only be 3 races.

  15. harakirinosaru Says:

  16. harakirinosaru Says:

    and Chrisalisk…the protoss IS all mechanical

  17. Chrysalisk Says:

    Just jump in…
    About what harakirinosaru says ;perharps you’re right, majority of the crew in Protoss are basically mechanical. But there’s Zealot ,Templars, Dark templars, Archons ( Dragoon is Zealot in wheelchair), so they are not completely mechanical (compare to Zerg whose infantries, mechanical -heh-, and even the structure is organics). But at the end I agree that Protoss is designed to be mechanical.

    Talking about design, hmm what else unique type of race SC can offer ?
    Let’s say this way :
    Zerg v Protoss v Terran === Alien v Predator v (insert name of animal here)-man/men :)

    Heck,what else can be add ?
    Mmm, what about race with mean, -green- pizza munchers ?Naah. Give em rokkit luncha / mazzingan ? Not really innovative. Then what about races with Spock-ears? That’s some alien .right? Hmmm. Make em harem? Thats -nice- (sluurp), but… make em only comes in when the sun goes down? But in the Starcraft galaxy night is 24 hours a day. -el diablo!- Then, what about races with notorious attitude that evil, bad, stinkin, nosepickin’, etc :from heck!! But men had walked in the moon for a vacation. and claimed that there is no hell to see.


    But creative idea is unlimited, I believe.

  18. Chrysalisk Says:

    About the three races Blizzard confirmed, I can accept that 3 is the most sound option.

    I wonder, is there’s any possibility that actually the 3 classic races has sub-sides /opposing factions? I meant Terran is divided in Terran Dominion ( The confederation) and the rebel (led by Raynor) ; Protoss is divided into “pure” Protoss (the Conclave) and the “heretics” (Dark Templars’) ; Zerg may be divided into the Swarm that led by Kerrigan and -perharps- the most favorite Xelnaga you guys talking about (if not Overmind’s swarm) .Each “subrace” may have different tech.

    Blizzard mention that Single Campaign and Multiplayer will be different. Thats may open a chance for realization. I guess the single campaign will be nonlinear (decision in each mission will lead to different results).

    I should talk stuff like this in a forum :)

  19. Dave Says:

    I’m soooo excited about this game – according to the game might be released in October 2008 so I can’t wait!!

  20. SC2 Says:

    I’m massively excited! Love this, and everyone is saying october 2008.

  21. The guy that isn't retarded Says:

    This is just a pile of shit. One, there’s only 3 races. Two, all of your upgrades and units are fake. Go to,, or to find out for yourself how full of shit this website is.

  22. emg Says:

    There ARE 4 species, if u do the secret mission. (well at least, REALLY like it cause duran or wutever and that protess dark temp elite all talk bout the lot and ling being morphed to create a new hybrid. Do the secret mission, and tell me if i missed anything, ok? OK???? OK?!?!?!!?!?!??!!?!?

  23. emg Says:


  24. The guy that isn't retarded Says:

    actually there are only 3 playable species…sure we don’t know what Duran is, and the Hybrid could count as a fourth race IF WE ACTUALLY GOT TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE.

    There are only 3 PLAYABLE races

    ok? OK???? OK?!?!?!!?!?!??!!?!?

  25. CReaper210 Says:

    i believe there will be 4 races including xel naga because in the terran campaign demo zeratul returned and warned jim about the xel naga returning.

  26. CReaper210 Says:

    blizzard would make the game a little bit more interesting with 1 more race anyways so i hope there will be at least another race.

  27. stevecraft Says:

    people there will only be three playable races in single player. and all the old units that were taken out and maybe the hybrid race will be playable in custom play. Oh and this website sucks ass. most of the info is wrong.1 there will be none of the upgrade up there. 2 units cant come out of there vehicles.3 its wrong cause i said so. 4 terrans rule

  28. lmao...this is bull DUH Says:

    i knew this was fake when i saw it….
    you gotta be kidding me…
    and a big ROFLMFAO HAHA to whoever wrote “king” as a unit that actually made me laugh
    also, if you check the official website it says the shrine for the dragoon or something were overtaken by the zerg, and the remaining dragoon (changed the name cant remember what it is) are few…risking their lives for just a few hours of more existance for the protoss…
    sad, sad, sad…

  29. lmao...this is bull DUH Says:

    oh and for all of youse who think there might be another race ill be a party pooper and say there is basically no chance…they already have protoss under construction, terran in early stages and they have hardly done any zerg (no info on it in the website)…
    AND they have to release the game in when, early 2008?


  30. adrian.s2a Says:

    There’s complete stats on all the starcraft 2 buildings and unit now at

  31. Starcraft 2 Says:

    Ild have to agree with the falseness of these statements

    Good read though :D

  32. GANKSTER Says:

    LOL THE NEW TERRAN VIDEO IS OUT AND YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT UP THERE IS A LIE! Because it tells you on the protoss video the new name of the new protoss units and that’s not one of them and terran doesn’t have the ones it was mentioned about!

  33. adam Says:

    first off xelnaga is a person/creature…. and there will most likely only be 3 races in starcraft 2 but you never know cause there has only been a little bit of the zerg shown….. and there could be a 4th… but most likely the 4th will come in starcraft 3

  34. Bill Says:

    It’s clear that the info from Wiki is fake and that so far only 3 playable races have been shown… and maybe some sort-of Zerg/Protoss Hybrid race which has barely been seen because its only info comes from the extra missions from Broodwar. However, I wouldnt be surprised if Blizzard is working on an extra race secretly (it would fit the storyline very well). Sure, if I were them I would gladly say that there will only be 3 races and then publish another race in the very end, just to get everyone even more excited…

  35. Starcraft 2 Says:

    They already announced that there’s only going to be 3 races.

  36. Keeper Says:

    Man, now you know that wikipedia is not reliable, I have much reason to believe that all this information is false.

  37. Zane Says:

    Who said protoss are all mech wtf!! thats bloddly stupid man use your head mechines just appered then dicided to make themselfves?!?! what a load of bull**** jesus how f***ing dumb

  38. Zane Says:

    lmao is so f***ing right only 3 races no way will they be able to do another one in time if there is a starcraft 3(start dreaming but that) then a possible chance might present another whacked up n defromed race but not anytime soon

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  41. Freke Says:

    Well there were rumors about a 4th npc race in the campaign NOT PLAYABLE but there could be a 4th race. The npc race could tie up loose ends on the hybrids or the xel’naga..ofc, i heard this rumor back in january. And, they have finished terran, protoss, and pretty much are finishing up the zerg, just havnt updated their site yet. I saw the demo of this back in late 07 and have been waiting for the hybrid race or xel’naga to appear on my screen and eat whats left of my life away. And this info is a bunch of fucking crap..plain and simple :D

  42. ChefoSLR Says:

    Almost none of this is true. Either this is a very old information, when we didn’t knew much about the game, or someone decided to make a little hoax, just as funny as the “This is a link for the free StarCraft 2 demo download! Click now!”. First, there won’t be a fourth race. Blizzard announced that we’ll still be stuck with Zerg/Terran/Protoss. Second:
    From the Protoss info only the Mothership will be in the game. The rest is the result of an annoying 7 year old child, finally learning how to post info over the Internet;
    From the Zerg info: Only the “Creeper” is real – and it’s called Infestor;
    From the Zerg upgrades: Only the BattleCruiser explosion will be in the game;
    Everything else is a lie.
    But don’t worry, because the game will be much more cool than StarCraft 1: the races will be much more powerful, and yet equal, the graphics will rock, and the gameplay will blow you away!
    So don’t bother reading this useless crap: download Terran and Protoss gameplay and Zerg announcement movies with HD quality from

  43. Catherine Snyder Says:


  44. Rushergirl822 Says:

    I’m surprised at the amount of people that still comment “Haha it’s a fake” after 40 other people just did.
    You’re all like lemmings.

    Lemmings on crack.

  45. shadowghost000 (the 000 is my numbercode not my pin robers and a travian charecter has it) Says:

    it is a fn fake and we are not on crack!!!!!!!! rushergirl worst number and u really stink rusherwhatheruglyface

    whoever made the damn jokes up is a adult who hates starcraft (george lucas?)
    and if it is you and you are reading this Starcraft rules

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