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Diablo 3 expansion

Blizzard announced an expansion to Diablo 3. It will add a fifth act, approximately the size of Act II in Diablo 3.

It will also increase level caps from 60 to 70 and remove caps on paragon levels (level 1000?). Oh, and it will add ONE new class – the Crusader, a heavily armored melee class.

Athene has an interview about the expansion called Reaper of Souls.

  • Nephalem Trials are portals you step into and are challenge-based encounters. Some of them you will fight wave after wave of enemies and depending on how fast you clear the challenege, you will be rewarded with X number of Resplendent Chests. These waves get progressively harder and harder
  • You never know where you’re going to find these portals since they are randomly generated in the world. Once you step in, your goal is “How far can I get in the allotted time?”
  • No PvP for the expansion and no PvP planned. They’re experimenting with some stuff internally but no progress has been made so far. The minute they find something that works is when they’ll announce they have something being made
  • No plans to change the existing Acts in any way (quests/color/etc) although when leveling the Crusader, there’ll obviously be new dialogue throughout the Acts when followers reply / talk to NPCs

Diablo 3 console offline play

So it looks like Diablo 3 on consoles will not have a always-online requirement.

According to a preview, it lacks Auction Houses, so rare and legendary loot drop rates have been tweaked accordingly, i.e. increased a million times.

Money quote:

The game feels natural with this new element, like it was always meant to be played that way. The same goes for attacks. Face buttons and the right triggers on the PlayStation 3 controller give you access to six attacks and skills while the left triggers are for potions.

Yes, it’s now clear that the PC version was a beta and playtest for the real Diablo 3 to be played on consoles as a single-player without any of the bots spamming for gold and all the other fun extras we had to endure.

Diablo 3 on consoles: the natural platform

Diablo 3 on consoles: the natural platform

Why nerfing attack speed is WRONG

Obviously, I play a Demon Hunter so I lost quite a bit of DPS on account of the increased attack speed (IAS) nerf that Blizzard did a month ago.

Before the IAS nerf, I was pulling off 2.5 attacks in a second with a bow, which wasn’t anything spectacular. I’d imagine with a better bow (20% IAS), I could’ve passed 3 attacks per second.

At first glance, it does look quite excessive. English longbowmen were renowned for being able to shoot a dozen arrows in the span of a minute.

Here’s the counter-argument! Just replace the handgun with a handbow:

Yes, that’s right – two shots from a handarm can be done in a split second (technically, about 2/100 of a second). Blizzard, give us back the attack speed!

Blue gear Diablo kill

It’s Athene again, annoying is ever but showing how Diablo can be killed with blue gear only.

The video furthers my point about French players having amazingly low latency thanks to Blizzard’s datacenters being in Paris. On my computer, the five cages come up almost simultaneously while in Athene’s version, they appear almost in slow motion.

Diablo 3 best gamer – Athene

If you are following game casters on Youtube, you might have heard about Athene who is the self-proclaimed “best gamer in the world”.

I believe he was the first one to down Diablo in Diablo 3 – abound with rumors that Blizzard actually gave him super-equipment. I doubt this is the case, he has a ton of followers on Youtube, so it’s easy to see how every nice item went to Athene to speed up his kill. It’s the same with the first hardcore kill by Kripps & Co, who got incredible items for free from their loyal fans.

So why is Athene so good? Of course, he is pretty hardcore, so that is a big part of the explanation. However, having played Diablo 3 since it’s release, I can tell you my best guess. Athene is good, because he’s French!

No, I’m not prejudiced against certain nationalities (though you know the saying that in Starcraft, the only imba race is Korean). It’s just that Blizzard servers are based in France (Paris suburb Velizy). So while I am lagging and misclicking even at my lowest ping (100ms), he is probably enjoying sub-20ms gameplay.

In other words, he’s playing Diablo 3 like it was meant to be played – as a singleplayer game! While most of us (being not French) are playing a super-twitch game on a lagging connection.

Anyway, check out his speed kills – boasting a DPS of over 400,000.

Btw, mine is steady about 100,000k with full Natalia set which gives me a TON of survival with discipline regen of 3/sec. I need to give credit to Athene for this build – as he demonstrated in a video that a Demon Hunter can stay in shadows for over a minute with Natalia and Preparation. Trust me, you need that much discipline to survive on a lagging connection.

I don’t always need to stay a minute, I use it for Caltrops (damage rune) to clear quickly the pony level as well as act rare and elites that give chase.

Diablo 3 Error 1

Finally, Diablo 3′s error code 1 has been revealed to us in what seems to be a massive EU server meltdown. All servers in the EU are down without any warnings and a bit later, we’re hit with another maintenance update.

So here it is:

Error 1: There was an error creating your own party!

Of course, a vocal minority at the forums feel that error N1 was buying Diablo 3 in the first place. Most would agree however that server uptime in the EU has been terrible. The server busy errors start around 4pm and don’t go away until 11 or 12!

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