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Diablo 3 PVP RIP

As you are probably aware, Diablo 3 has been going down a lot in terms of hours played on Xfire. The players who are still playing it (beyond the paragon level grind) are doing because they expected the PvP Arena.

Well, the PvP Arena is scrapped. It’s no more. It’s now a late arena. (if you are not getting the dead parrot reference, you are probably too young).

Jay Wilson posted that they are going back to the drawing board on it. Considering we get games about 10 years after they are on the drawing board, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

On the positive side, they will be allowing duels sometime in the new year. So there.

Update: It’s worth reading the comments below Jay Wilson’s post. Some are pretty funny:

I bet the SWTOR dev team right now is popping bottles over recently becoming appointed second worst Dev team lol.

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