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Diablo 3 main stats change

It might seem to be a late change, but Diablo 3 will get rid of the traditional RPG stats like strength and dexterity. Here’s the list of changes, they are supposed to streamline item hunting.

Attack: Increases damage
- This stat will be a universal damage increasing stat for all classes to prevent confusion about what you should increase to do more damage.
- We realize that ‘Attack’ is less flavorful than ‘Strength’ and ‘Willpower’, but we feel the pros of understanding clearly how to build your character outweigh that con.
- This stat has no secondary effects.

Precision: Increases crit chance
- This will be tuned to be comparable in power to Attack increases for the most part.
- So why have Precision? Mainly so we can play into it with affixes, runes, and traits. Linking effects to crits gives us another hook for designing skills and gives the player options to create ‘crit builds’ that play different than normal attack builds. Examples of the kind of crit effects we ‘could’ do (not saying we are, these are examples):
- - Cleave crits cause monsters to explode and do damage to those around them.
- - Lifesteal could be an ‘on crit only’ affix.
- This is a more finesse stat, and we’re fine with that. Most people will want Attack by default, but they won’t mind getting precision.
- This stat has no secondary effect.

Vitality: Increases health
- And it’s staying that way!
- This stat has no secondary effect (seeing the pattern here?).

Defense: Decreases all damage taken
- This stat is separate from armor and resistances, each of which effects different damage types. This stat effects ‘all’ damage.
- This stat will allow players to control incoming damage rather than increasing health capacity, which is useful to reduce the need for health globes and pots, and allows players to double down on defense for survival focused builds.
- This stat is also useful for PVP, and likely will be valued in the arenas, but isn’t tuned to be a ‘PVP’ only stat.
- This stat has no secondary effects.

Willpower: Affects resource in class-specific ways
- The effects of this stat will change from class to class. It will be our goal to make it roughly equivalently valuable across classes and versus other attributes.
- Basically this stat will give you more access to whatever restricts your resource by default: capacity, regen rate, degeneration rate, generation rate, etc.

This will change and affect several item affixes, but specifically we’ll be making the following changes to address issues with casters under-valuing gear (more below in Q&A), and to clear out attributes that are going away:
- Removing +spell damage affixes
- Adding Bonus % damage for wizard skills (Wizard only)
- Adding Bonus % damage for witch doctor skills (Witch Doctor only)
- Removing Strength (Barbarian and Monk)
- Removing Dexterity (Demon Hunter)

Diablo 3 beta

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According to Blizzard’s leaked schedule, Diablo 3 will be released sometime before Christmas 2011. So when can we expect the beta to start? And more importantly, what will be included in the beta?

Before we go into that, however, make sure you have OPTED IN for the Diablo 3 beta. Here’s the steps:

  1. Sign up for a account
  2. If you have a account, login here.
  3. You’ll see a link Beta Profile Settings
  4. You might have to download an app that will upload your system specs
  5. You’re done

OK, so back to the question of WHEN. Using Starcraft’s beta, it should be about 6 months before the official release date. So that means summer 2011 will be the summer of Diablo 3.

So WHAT will be in beta? If we use the Diablo 2 beta as a yardstick, the beta could cover just Act I. No direct answer from Blizzard, but we get something of an answer by Bashiok:

I was wondering whether D3 beta will be confidential or not. Since the plot will most likely be spoiled when you play the beta. Id imagine the D3 beta will be much smaller than the SC2 beta just because of spoiling the storyline…

Bashiok: I don’t believe we’re planning to impose NDA’s on future beta tests for any of our franchises. That’s of course subject to change.

No NDA means that there will be LITTLE contentto be spoiled during the Diablo 3 beta. So again, we will probably be confined to Act I (or its equivalent). Hopefully, the Diablo 3 Arenas will be included.

Btw, to get an immediate notification
when Blizzard announces the beta, fill in your email in the form below. There will be beta invites and other goodies, so join now:

Diablo 3 schedule leaked

Continue reading ‘Diablo 3 schedule leaked’

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