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Diablo 3 skill caps

Diablo 3 skills are capped at 5, so no more Blizzards at skill level 25. Or is it?

In Diablo 2, you could have skills as high as 20
and additionally augment them with items that boost skill levels. In Diablo 3, all screenshots and videos show a cap of 5. Which raises the question is this cap permanent?

Official Blizzard Quote:

Did we not already talk about that? Think we did. Like the cap raises another five every difficulty level? So when you reach hell difficulty the caps would be at 15? No? Did we not say that at the last BlizzCon? Think we did.

So the skill cap will be 15 at Hell difficulty. I think that makes perfect sense, you need more damage per skill depending on the difficulty level. Unless there’s a fourth difficulty introduced. Then it will be EXACTLY like Diablo 2 with skills capped at 20!

I hope there’s a bit more Diablo 3 info and gameplay videos at Blizzcon come October.

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