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New Diablo 3 class – Monk

diablo 3 monkAs you’ve probably heard, Blizzcon 2009 is in full swing which means a ton of Diablo news will be pouring in the next two days.

For starters, a new character will be playable at Blizzcon – the Monk! According to pundits, he replaces the Paladin, so for all of you Hammerdin fans, try to find some love for the Monk.

The Monk’s skills are: Crippling Wave, Impenetrable Defense (bubble?), Exploding Palm, Seven-sided Strike, Way of the Hundred Fists. As usual, you can check these in action here.

You can check out gameplay video below:

Stay tuned for more Blizzcon coverage!

Diablo 3 launch in September?

diablo 3 release septemberDiablo 3 is available for pre-order already! There’s a site that states there are only 55 days to the release. Here’s the screenshot.

To be honest, this looks like a cheap way for this (unnamed) site to get your pre-order. Now, I’m not saying they’ll grab your money and run… but you’ll be looking at a LOOOOOOONG wait, possibly a year.

That’s the reason I’m not going to post a link to the site. Instead, I suggest you head to Cologne, where the Gamescom is taking place in 20 days. You’ll be able to play Diablo 3 there:

We’re pleased to announce that Blizzard Entertainment will be attending gamescom 2009 in Cologne, Germany next month. We look forward to welcoming old friends and new to our booth, which will feature hands-on gameplay with our upcoming games. Our booth is open to the public from Thursday 20 August until Sunday 23 August.

Anyway, Blizzard aren’t going to launch the game without a beta, so make sure you enter your email in the Diablo 3 beta notification list.

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