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Diablo 3 beta map

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diablo 3 wizardFor those of us impatient enough (isn’t that everyone?), a Diablo III custom map has been released.

You need Warcraft III in order to play it and the map is still in beta. However, I’m really amazed at the graphics – the world editor is indeed powerful enough to change the game completely. It does look like Diablo III.

Download Diablo 3 beta map

P.S. Maybe it was my bad luck with skill selection as a Wizard but even the first wave of zombies proved insurmountable for me!
diablo 3 map 2.0 free at last

Blizzard interview Mike MorhaimeAccording to BlizzPlanet, Blizzard has not stated officially that 2.0 is going to be free.

However, Blizzard is known for its vague comments when it comes to monetization:

Are there any plans to monetize 2.0 service? Mike Morhaime limited to answer: “I’m not ready to talk about that today”. Mike Morhaime confirmed that 2.0 will be free to those who buy StarCraft 2 retail.

Of course, you need to remember that Starcraft 2 is coming out not in one but in THREE retails boxes (for a total of around $100). So even one measly box gets you into 2.0 for life? I’ll take it.

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