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Diablo 3 at Blizzcon 2009

blizzcon diablo 3Remember past Blizzcons when we wondered if that horn is Diablo‘s? Or anything else that looked like a clue that Diablo 3 will be announced?

Well, Diablo 3 takes center stage at this Blizzcon! The Barbarian is displayed prominently on the homepage (next to something green looking like a Starcraft II ghost).

OK, a few bullet points about Blizzcon 2009!

  • Tickets will go on sale worldwide on Saturday, May 16 for $125 each
  • Blizzcon 2009 will be held on August 21 and 22 in Anaheim, California
  • You get a unique WoW (non-combat) pet – Grunty the murloc marine
  • Global finals for the 2009 Warcraft III and WoW Arena will be held – finalists get top prize of $25,000 per player

If you’re not able to attend, there’s the poor man’s Blizzcon – live Directv coverage for just $39.95. You do the murloc marine pet, so if you need a green/blue blob around you at all times, make sure you give your hard-earned cash to Blizzard.

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