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Diablo 3 release date

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A recent rumor that Diablo 3 will be released BEFORE Starcraft 2 actually prompted Blizzard to officially address the issue of the release date.

Here’s the summary in short: 2.0 will be released simultaneously with the release of Starcraft 2. The best guess for that is early 2009, with a Starcraft 2 beta coming out late in 2008.

So Diablo 3 will come out AFTER that … possibly by the end of 2009. An encouraging news will be if Blizzard have a playable Diablo 3 demo at Blizzcon.

Update: Here’s the quote from Rob Pardo:

A lot of the way we develop is: We wanna make sure the game is really fun and the visual fidelity we want … we wanna make sure we have a small area that feels really done so we know what to build. So even though it looks really complete a lot of the content is just not there. We have a long ways to go to build each of the different acts in the game and put in all the quests and all the different monsters. We have a lot of development ahead of us before it will be something … It will definitely be out after StarCraft II.”

I hope this answers the last comment!

Barbarian fighting

If you’re the kind of guy who always goes for a macho character, you might ignore the screenshot below.

It’s not Bruce Dickinson fighting Eddie, it’s a female barbarian fighting a Siege Breaker. If you ask me, she’s pretty cool. I’m partial though – my favorite Diablo 2 character was an Ice Sorceress (before they nerfed Blizzard it kicked butt).

Now, viewing the video again, I think the barbarian needs a bit of war paint, just like in famous Conan!

Diablo 3 outdoors persistent

Jay Wilson stated in an interview that dungeons will be randomly generated – in true Diablo tradition. Btw, Jay is Diablo 3 lead designer.

Outdoors will be persistent, however, and will not change from game to game. In other words, you can use landmarks in multiplayer as meeting places. I.e. Meet me by the river ford.

CG: Are the dungeons still going to be randomly generated?

JW: All the dungeons’ layouts are randomly generated. The exteriors are not. We have a new system of adventures that allows us to cut sections out of the terrain to put random — whatever — in there. We can put random terrain, we can put in scripted events — we wanted to add a lot more scripted events into the game.

So expect that outdoor monsters
could be heavily scripted (as the terrain stays constant). They could run to a chest, get a bigger axe and come back.

The other thing I’d like to see in Diablo 3 is getting better, bigger “rogue camps”. Come on, Jay, you can make a city that’s more than 3 houses. Let’s hope that Caldium (picture right) is that city. 2.0 features hasn’t been upgraded much since it first came out. Blizzard have promised a new and improved version of (2.0) that will coincide with the introduction of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

Below is the confirmed feature list (source: DIII):

* Excellent Ping
* Channels and Chat in-game
* Ladders and Rankings, secured against cheating.
* Extended stats, with possibility to see who D/C etc
* AMM-type Matchmaking
* Avatars, Images and Icons to represent yourself
* Diablo III Hardcore mode
* Friends/Ignore Lists with advanced management
* Clan Support
* Automated Tournaments

In addition, there’s plenty of rumors regarding an Achievements system, Accountability (to track cheaters and those who use hacks) and Voice Over IP in-game chat.

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