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Getting Diablo 2 on the cheap

A week ago I posted that Diablo 2 is back on the sales chart. I also posted that if you want a copy, you don’t need to purchase a retail copy for $55 (for the Battle chest) or $35 (for Diablo 2 and LoD).

You can purchase a Diablo 2 CD key for just $5 online. Once you have your CD KEY, you go to Blizzard’s online store, you register and then proceed to DOWNLOAD your copies of Diablo 2 and LoD.

Update: You can purchase a cheap Diablo 2 cd key here: link 1 and link 2.

Adam Sessler on Diablo 3 art design

Adam Sessler from G4TV is speaking against the guys who re-did the Diablo 3 screenshots to make them darker and gothic.

His argument seems to center on the fact that Blizzard can do whatever they like with Diablo 3 because it’s theirs. This guy obviously didn’t attend marketing courses at college and neither did he read any of Peter Drucker’s books.

If you ask him, Blizzard could make Diablo 3 a FPS in space, with the protagonist a chihuahua instead of a barbarian. It’s theirs, right? Bullshit. The product is “owned” by its users!

Diablo 3 statue

If you have $300 to spare, you might be interested in pre-ordering a giant figurine (statue?) of the Barbarian – one of the Diablo 3 characters.

The statue is not painted yet but I guess it will eventually be painted. For $300 – it better be an art masterpiece. The only way I’d consider buying it if it results in me getting a unique wow pet – something like a miniature barbarian doing Arnold improvisations will do the trick.

Blizzard seeks an Art Director

After Diablo 3′s previous Art Director left, Blizzard started looking for a new Art Director for Diablo 3. So I guess the screenshots done by the fans do have some weight when it comes to the art direction. Here’s the ad:

Blizzard Entertainment is currently looking for a talented, motivated, and experienced art director to lead the Diablo III art team. For this position, you must be highly organized with outstanding communication skills and proven experience in management. We’re looking for a proven track record of shipping AAA products in an art director role. Experience modeling and texturing assets for a diverse visual range of environments and a solid grasp of form, color, and light for both 2D and 3D art assets are also essential. You must be experienced at mentoring a team, able to work well in an environment of artists who are passionate about making great games, skilled in another art task (illustration, modeling, texturing, animation, or concept drawing), and well-versed in related tools (Maya, Photoshop, etc.).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed
that whoever they choose will not be an arrogant bastard and will actually listen to fans when they express their concerns about Diablo 3′s art direction (check out the screenshots redone by the fans).

Diablo 2 back on the sales chart

Diablo 2 is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts on the back of the Diablo 3 announcement. The classic game is back in the sales chart at number 6!

I gave my copy of Diablo II to my cousin a few years ago, so now I’m beating my head against the wall. If you’re like me and would like to replay Diablo 2 with friends on, I suggest you find yourself $5.

Why $5? Because that’s how much a Diablo 2 CD key costs. That’s an original key (not some keygen thing) and it works like a charm. You download Diablo II, you enter the key and you’re ready to roll.

Here, I just saved you $55 (the Diablo Battlechest retails for 59.99).

Update: Here’s a direct link to one site offering it at $5 – link.

Diablo 3 – the end?

In an interview for MTV, Jay Wilson said that Diablo 3 “will round out the story arc set up by the previous two games.”

“We also tried to focus a little more on bringing characters back, and not just from ‘Diablo II’ but from ‘Diablo I,’” he said. “We feel like a lot of the focus is on ‘Diablo II’ but ‘Diablo I’ started it all and has a lot of really good stuff on the gameplay side and on the character side. So people can expect to see characters from ‘Diablo I,’ more characters from ‘Diablo II,’ and characters from some of the books. We’re definitely going to bring a few of them in.”

The quote that really matters for me, however, is this one:

And while “Diablo III” ends the trilogy, fans needn’t worry — it’s not the final curtain for “Diablo.” “We’re not saying this is the end of the ‘Diablo’ universe, but we are trying to bring this storyline to a close,” Wilson said. “It’s not just ‘Diablo III’ — we’ve got plans beyond.”

Now, that’s finally an admission that no one at Blizzard is crazy enough to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Who knows… maybe we’ll see a Diablo movie soon?

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