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Hellgate London beta and retail

Hellgate London will be out any day now. There’s a new announcement on their site today:

That said, some time just before launch (don’t have a specific time/date yet), we’ll actually be opening the Beta server back up for about a week. “This makes no sense, Kaiser!” Well, maybe not at first, but not everyone will be able to get the game on launch day for various reasons. This way, if you’re in the Beta and are still waiting for your game to arrive, you’ll still be able to play Hellgate. Also, the characters you create during this time will transfer over into your retail account. Once this happens, any caps/restrictions will be lifted. Yay! The characters will still have the Beta caps on them (such as level caps and such), but you can at least get started with your characters.

Hellgate LondonIn essence, you wait and sign up for the beta server and start leveling your char. Once the game hits the shelves and you get a copy, you’ll be able to transfer your char and the beta cap will be removed.

Just to state the obvious: If you cap one char, start another!

Hellgate London trailer

You’re probably familiar with Hellgate: London. It’s probably the only Diablo 3 we gonna see for some time. It’s from the team of developers that did Diablo 2, so it comes recommended. Check out the intro movie below.

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