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Mike Morhaime interview

Mike Morhaime has been interviewed by Gamespot at the AGDC ’07 (Austin Game Developers Conference). He covers a lot of ground during the interview but there’s one part of specific interest to Diablo fans – when he talks about Blizzard’s future development plans:

GS: Does the overwhelming success of it mean that a hypothetical Starcraft MMOG would be pushed further out because you have this thriving community that you don’t want to cannibalize?

MM: Not necessarily. It’s actually more a question of us not wanting to cannibalize the resources that are going into supporting the game. We can’t just take the World of Warcraft team and have them work on another game. But what we can do is staff up the World of Warcraft team and gradually peel off some of our developers to start working on something new. But it will take time. And we’re at the stage right now where we’re starting to think about what we want to do next.

GS: When do you think you’ll want to talk about what you’re doing next?

MM: Probably not for a long time.

Now, I’m not sure what that means! Is he talking 2008? Is he talking ever?

When talking about the upcoming WOW movie, Mike is asked whether he feels that the Diablo world can support a Diablo movie. “Absolutely,” says he. So maybe we’ll see a movie before we see a game.

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