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5 reasons why Diablo 3 isn’t dead

Now, I admit the StarCraft 2 announcement was quite a blow to any hopes of seeing Diablo 3 any time soon.

Thinking about it more, however, the cold, hard facts remain the same.

Let me go through them for my (and your) well being:

Diablo1) Blizzard has been recruiting heavily lately: not only art directors but all kinds of artists. Judging by the StraCraft 2 trailer, their work at SC2 seems almost complete, so they are not hiring them for that.

2) Knaak commented about the Diablo storyline and basically confirmed Diablo’s world is not dead, it’s a world with dead.

3) Paul Sams interview where he says they have three product announcements. So far we’ve got a WoW expansion and StarCraft 2. I don’t know about you but I only count two so far…

4) Diablo 3 trademark and domain activity. Blizz have secured rights to all things Diablo 3 and since they aren’t making a movie, my guess is they plan a game.

5) Diablo 2 still has tens of THOUSANDS of active players. I bet more people play Diablo 2 than StarCraft (maybe not in Korea but worldwide).

Here’s another bet I’m willing to place right now: Most Diablo players are critical of WoW. I know I am. For example, I hate the fact I can’t access probably 50% of the end-game content.

Why? Because I don’t have the time to RAID. With Diablo, I can log in and solo Diablo or Baal whenever I feel like it. There’s no waiting for a healer or a tank. You go in, you kill. It’s that simple.

Breaking news: Starcraft 2

For good or for worst, the wait is OVER.

As a die-hard Diablo fan, I’m disappointed. Yet, die-hard Diablo fans are just that – die hards. I’m not giving up hope that Diablo 3 is going to be next when Blizzard announces a major product (and not another WoW expansion).

Starcraft 2 is as good as a consolation as any! It will make the wait for Diablo 3 less painful – if not downright enjoyable.

Update: Blizzard have released a Starcraft 2 trailer and I managed to find some gameplay videos from the WWI. The game doesn’t look much different in terms of gameplay but the graphics definitely ROCK!

starcraft 2 splash

I’ll be tracking Starcraft 2‘s progress over at my Starcraft 2 blog.

Blizzard’s Medusa Demo

It’s the 19th already. In Korea it’s still the 18th though. There are less than 24 hours to Blizzard’s major product announcement.

Medusa demoThe only information that has leaked so far is that they’re going to do a “Medusa demo”. Is this a new game engine? There’s a Medusa item in Diablo 2… but I’m not too optimistic about the new product being Diablo 3. Why?

For starters, Blizzard are making the announcement in Korea. Korea is the Starcraft heaven. If Blizzard announce anything but Starcraft, they might get shot at!

Second, Diablo (1996) has got its Diablo 2 sequel (2000) and the LoD expansion (2001). Starcraft has been sequel-less since 1998.

Last but not least, it seems that ALL of Blizzard’s executives have mentioned Starcraft 2 in one way or another.

So my bets are as follows:

A Starcraft game – 90%
A Diablo game – 9%
Anything else – 1%

Diablo 3 teaser

Update (June 28): Diablo 3 has been announced at the WWI in Paris. You can now review the Diablo 3 trailer, screenshots, as well as demo.

My eyes are sore from all the reloading and staring at Blizzard’s new front page!

I’m attaching a snapshot below (click to zoom) in case they decide to remove it.

Diablo 3 teaser

I’m really hoping Blizzard will announce Diablo 3 on the 18th. It was only a few days ago that everyone was convinced they were going to announce Starcraft 2 in Korea.

Update: How cruel of Blizzard! I’ve asked several people to check the site, they were all seeing Diablo. Now, I go to a wow site and they’re claiming it’s all about warcraft. And they have this image to prove it.

I guess Blizzard is rotating the image every hour or doing some other voodoo just to ensure everyone gets they want!

blizzard website

Money – good, Diablo – bad

Diablo monster - LilithBoy, I’m a pissed off today!

It’s not just the rumors that Blizzard will announce Starcraft 2 in three weeks in Korea. Obviously, if Blizzard announce Starcraft 2 this puts Diablo 3 on the backburner for an year if not longer.

It’s not even Rob Pardo’s interview (that’s WoW’s game designer), where he explains how they have a commitment to keep the WoW money machine going by doing an expansion every year. No such commitment to Diablo, thank you very much!

It’s the OVERALL feeling that Blizzard have sold out. Money – good. You probably still remember that animation – Money good, Napster bad – from Camp Chaos.

Blizzard have become the gorilla in the room – catering to the millions of casual gamers (not to mention Chinese farmers!) and forgetting about the hardcore players who have built their franchises.

For God’s sake, there are tens of thousands of players who play Diablo 2 till this day and who who have been praying for a sequel since 2001! Say it ain’t so.

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