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Diablo map next?

I just visited a site that provides you with a map of World of Warcraft’s continents using Google Maps interface. I’ve taken a screenshot of Un-Goro crater below. I’ve also added the locations of rich thorium vein for you miners (like me!).

World of Warcraft - Google Map

Isn’t that cool? I wish someone will create an beautiful aerial view of Diablo’s world next (I know it’s randomly generated for the most part!). In the mean time, go enjoy the WoW map.

Another interesting thing about Azertoh – a guy measured it at roughly 40 square miles (~ 100 square kilometers). As such, it’s not a continent but rather an island. I think Corfu is about that…

WoW Expansion out!

WoW Expansion signed copyFinally! The Burning Crusade beta is over and the the WOW expansion is out.

I haven’t pre-ordered it and I’m sure that will be a stupid decision in retrospect. Some of my friends have pre-ordered and will be queueing to get their copy at midnight today.

Blizzard says there will be signed copies of the game in these stores, so you haven’t pre-ordered, you might want to go there (it’s California only from what I can tell).

Now, that they’ve got the expansion out, they might speak out on Diablo 3 (or Starcraft 2). I don’t want to wait till E3 to get a trailer!

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