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Killing Diablo on Playstation 3

DiabloI was doing an uber Tristram run last night. As an ice sorceress, I use spells like Blizzard and what not … my point is you can’t see SHIT!

A friend of mine (a pally who thinks he’s Rambo) claims he got killed more than once because he wasn’t able to see what hit him. Diablo 2 graphics are sooo outdated by now.

I love the isometric perspective and all but I hope they come up with good graphics in Diablo 3.

Which got me thinking about the Playstation 3 (プレイステーション 3) and all the amazing stuff you can do. Not only graphics but also motion and particle effects (Havok anyone?). Check out this video for a preview:

I’d love to see Diablo tap-dance into oblivion, all in 3D on a BIG HD screen.

THE Diablo trailer

Update (June 28): Diablo 3 has been announced at the WWI in Paris. You can now review the Diablo 3 trailer, screenshots, as well as demo.

Obviously, all Diablo 3 trailers are fake – some better than the others. It’s easy to tell because Blizzard have an AMAZING reputation when it comes to trailers.

I vividly remember the Diablo 2 trailer. It told a story and at 7 minutes it ran the length of a short-feature film! I recently found it (low-res) and I loved seeing it again:

I killed my first Diablo barely 30 hours after I got the game. The main reason is I was anxious to see the next cinematic.

I’m pretty sure Blizzard will make an AMAZING trailer for Diablo 3. I hate the waiting though.

Knaak confirms Diablo 3

Update (June 28): Diablo 3 has been announced at the WWI in Paris. You can now review the Diablo 3 trailer, screenshots, as well as demo.

Diablo BookDuring an IRC chat, Richard A. Knaak, the author of The Sin War trilogy of Diablo books, confirmed that Diablo isn’t dead yet.

The Knaak interview was scheduled quite late (in Europe anyway) but this didn’t prevent people asking the right questions.

The only right question in mind is: “What are Blizzard’s plan for the Diablo franchise?” Naturally, Blizzard has enforced Knaak contractually to keep silent about product releases. He definitely HINTED about another Diablo coming though.

Q: Any information on Diablo 3? Have you been asked to write a further story?

A: What happens in the Sin War is significant, as I mentioned, toward the future. I know that Blizzard is very eager to make Diablo fans happy.

Q: How much of the book is creation of yours, and how involved is Chris Metzen behind the canon storyline of Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy? Do you think the ramifications of this book impact in the storyline of Diablo 3 the game?

A: This is a pure collaboration between myself and Chris/Blizzard. All that is written is passed by him and the others there. This will be canon and has adjusted earlier info. The ramifications here will be used for any future project…and I ain’t writing for a dead game.

Q: So… Diablo 3?

A: I am not writing for a dead world…but a world with dead. Nuff said.

Note the last question – would’ve been MY question as well. I am not writing for a dead world… – that’s enought for me as well. It’s Blizzard’s turn to create some more buzz and probably show up with a trailer in 2007.

Diablo trilogy hints Diablo 3 plotline

Diablo monster - LilithRichard A. Knaak will be on IRC today. He’ll be discussing the new Diablo book trilogy. Here’s the info:

Monday, October 23
5pm EST / 2pm PST / 11GMT+1(France)

channel: #wowradio

According to Medievaldragon, Knaak will touch on the origin of Sanctuary and men as well as Lilith, the new boss in the Pandemonium event.

I encourage you to tune in. Although I doubt Knaak will go so far as to announce that Diablo 3’s coming in 2007, there are indications that a Diablo 3 plotline is part of the trilogy.

Update: Knaak confirmed Diablo 3 is in the work. In his words, he wan’t “writing for a dead world … but a world with dead.”

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Diablo 3 is #60

Diablo monsterI just visited my Diablo 3 lens at Squidoo and it has a rank of 60-something, i.e. it made it to the TOP100 list.

Now, this is a pretty good indication there’s PLENTY of interest in a sequel to Diablo 2 – be it MMO or a classic fantasy RPG. Blizzard should start paying attention (if they haven’t done so already!).

I need to check how my Diablo 3 G-page is doing as well as the D3 test I did last week.

Dungeons of Diablo (a.k.a. Diablo 3)

Dungeons of DiabloI was going through a Diablo 3 thread when I saw one of the posts dubbing Diablo 3 as Dungeons of Diablo.

Obviously, it follow World of Warcraft (WoW), so in a way it’s not that original. When you think about it though, Diablo (the original) was exclusively a dungeon adventure. Diablo II introduced a lot of open spaces. I’m not sure I like them that much.

The desert looks NOTHING like the original Diablo. I don’t remember a single horror movie that takes place in a desert with the sun baking you. The jungles of Act III and the frigid highlands of Act V were OK compared to the desert.

So I quite like the name Dungeons of Diablo. Especially, if that makes Blizzard do more dungeons and improve on the whole doomed feel of the original Diablo.

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