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Diablo II Über Mephisto

Diablo 2 Über bosses
Tristram has the following ubers: Lilith, Über Diablo, Über Baal, Über Mephisto, Über Duriel, Über Izual.

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Uber Mephisto

This Mephisto is much more difficult to kill. See some of our Uber Tristram runs (video)

Uber Mephisto

Über Mephisto only awakens on the Battle.net Realms. Just what could possibly cause that? It remains a mystery to some.

Über Mephisto lies in a secret realm where, together with his brothers, he commands three generals. These generals, Lilith, Duriel, and Izual, conduct operations from their own hidden realms. Adventurers powerful and clever enough to unravel the secrets behind this "Pandemonium" will obtain knowledge and treasure used only by the most powerful agents of sin.

Tips and Other Additional Information
Über Mephisto has become far more powerful since your last encounter. If Diablo is the tank and Baal is the support caster, Mephisto is the artillery. Beware of his long range attacks, such as Lightning, Charged Bolt, and Blizzard. His "Skull" missile and Blizzard attacks are especially dangerous because they will slow you down, allowing Baal's Hoarfrost and Diablo's Armageddon to wreak havoc. Bring gear which prevents you from being frozen.

Cold and Lightning Resistance helps a lot against Mephisto.

You cannot steal Life or Mana from Über Mephisto. Über Mephisto is also immune to Poison and Lightning.

Mephisto uses the following Skills: Lightning, Charged Bolt, Poison Nova, "Skull" Missile, Frost Nova, Blizzard and Conviction.


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