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Diablo 2 monster info
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The Monsters In Act 5

The Barbarian Highlands
It is said that when the world was very young the tribes of the Northern Steppes were given a sacred charge.

* Baal's Minion
* Suicide Minion
* Death Mauler
* Catapult
* Overseer (Demon)
* Demon Imp (Demon)
* Siege Beast
* Abominable
* Reanimated Horde (Undead)
* Succubus (Demon)
* Stygian Fury (Demon)
* Frozen Horror
* Blood Lord
* Putrid Defiler (Demon)
* Pain Worm (Demon)
* Minion of Destruction (Demon)
* Reziarfg (Demon)

Guest Monsters
In Nightmare and Hell Difficulty, Act V becomes inhabited with the stragglers of previous demon armies which you have fought in the past. The types of enemies that appear are random.

* Baal's Minion (Animal)
* Baboon Demon (Animal)
* Bat Demon (Demon)
* Blood Hawk (Animal)
* Blood Lord (Animal)
* Blunderbore (Demon)
* Bone Fetish (Undead)
* Claw Viper (Animal)
* Corrupt Rogue Archer (Demon)
* Corrupt Rogue Spearwoman (Demon)
* Council Member (Demon)
* Death Mauler (Animal)
* Demon Imp (Demon)
* Fallen (Demon)
* Fallen Shaman (Demon)
* Fetish (Demon)
* Fetish Shaman (Demon)
* Finger Mage (Undead)
* Giant Spider (Animal)
* Goatman (Demon)
* Greater Mummy (Undead)
* Leaper (Animal)
* Megademon (Demon)
* Mummy (Undead)
* Reanimated Horde (Undead)
* Regurgitator (Demon)
* Sabre Cat (Animal)
* Sand Maggot (Animal)
* Sand Maggot Egg (Animal)
* Sand Maggot Young (Animal)
* Sand Raider (Animal)
* Scarab Demon (Animal)
* Skeleton (Undead)
* Skeleton Archer (Undead)
* Skeleton Mage (Undead)
* Slinger (Animal)
* Spike Fiend (Animal)
* Stygian Fury (Demon)
* Succubus (Demon)
* Tainted (Demon)
* Thorned Hulk (Animal)
* Undead Horror (Undead)
* Vampire (Undead)
* Vile Child (Demon)
* Vile Mother (Demon)
* Vulture Demon
* Willowisp (Undead)
* Wraith (Undead)
* Zakarum Priest (Animal)
* Zakarum Zealot (Animal)



The Monster section you see is but the foundation of what is to become the Encyclopedia Britannica of monsters. Review the general FAQ and the basic monster types. But more importantly return when the game is released for a comprehensive treatise on monsters and monster strategies.

Monster FAQ - all the answers to your questions about monsters, experience from monsters, items, and so on.

Monster Types - listing of all monsters by type

Monster Strategies - will feature a complete guide on how to defeat a monster with the respective hero (coming soon).

Monsters in Act I - a description of the monsters you'll meet in the first Act of Diablo II including Andariel and her minions.

Monsters in Act II - a description of the monsters you'll meet in the second Act of Diablo II

Monsters in Act III - a description of the monsters you'll meet in the third Act of Diablo III

Monsters in Act IV - a description of the monsters you'll meet in the Pandemonium Fortress

Monsters in Act VI - a description of the monsters you'll meet in the expansion - Lord of Destruction.

Blood Raven Bone Mage Corrupted Rogue Disfigured Fallen Foul Crow Gargantuan Beast Quill Rat Razorback Skeleton Thorned Hulk Zombie Claw Viper Dark Lord Desert Wing Dung Warrior Foul Carrion Giant Spider Greater Mummy Saber Cat Sand Leaper Sand Maggot Bleeder Doom Ape Gorebelly Imp Jungle Urchin Zakarum Zealot