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Diablo II Heroes: Barbarian Guide

Skills: War Cries | Combat Skills | Combat Masteries

Diablo 2 Barbarian Guides
The Barbarian has 3 skill trees: War Cries, Combat Skills and Combat Masteries.

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Barbarian History
The Barbarian is the toughest fighter in Diablo II. Period. Besides his strength, the Barbarian can wield two weapons - one in each hand.

Diablo II Heroes: Barbarian Analysis

Obviously, this increases the damage he delivers and the speed of his attacks. By wielding two powerful magic weapons, the Barbarian can devise quite deadly attack combinations, for example, a freezing ax and a vampire scimitar.

Skill development
His skill trees, War Cries, Combat Actions, and Masteries, focus exclusively on improving melee combat. For example, the double-attack skill makes him take quick swings at adjacent enemies and the bash skill lets him deal great damage and knock monsters back. The various weapon masteries give him bonuses to sword-, ax-, and mace-class weapons.


I've played the demo first and then the open beta and I always played Barbarian. The Barbarian is probably the most straight-forward character in Diablo 2. He hits fast, hard, and often, and he can survive a real beating. At present, the Barbarian seems too simplistic but we expect Blizzard to adjust the high-level skills to make him more interesting to play.

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