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Diablo movie confirmed
Legendary Pictures have posted on their site that a Diablo movie is in the making. Diablo was listed in the "In Development" section.

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Uber bosses - Pandemonium event

To trigger the ubers event, you must collect items three keys. They lead you to über Tristram and the Über bosses: Lilith - Andariel's mom,
Über Diablo, Über Baal, Über Mephisto, Über Duriel, Über Izual.

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New: Maphack EasyMap 3.0 Gamma

Apart from EasyMap maphack, we've added more new cheats: a Runeword utility, a Diablo II account manager, plus a few general cheats. Also added 3 maphacks. Enjoy!

Download Diablo 2 maphacks!

MORE: Added many more Diablo 2 cheats

Just added new cheat codes, a Runeword utility, a Diablo II account manager, plus a handful of general cheats. Also added 3 maphacks and the new D2 Editor. Enjoy!

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Diablo 2 Hero Editor & Item Editor

Still looking for editors, trainers, cheats, and items? Get the best Character and Item editors here.

Download cheats: hero editor and iItem editors!

Rune words: Updated list of Diablo 1.11 rune words

Rune words use runes to create the most powerful (uber!) items in the game. By combining runes, you create rune words which in turn imbue the items of your choice with special runic powers.

View patch 1.11 runewords!

SETS: Just completed all Diablo II LoD Sets

Just completed all LoD Sets. These sets are MUCH more powerful than the Diablo 2 Sets and can match items with runewords.

Download Diablo 2 LoD set items

Diablo II Item Sets - Stats & Bonuses

Still looking for the bonuses of a set? Well, we have ALL ITEM SETS - ALL BONUSES in one place.

View all Diablo 2 set item and bonuses here!

Diablo II Walk-through: All Quests Guide

All Diablo 2 quests have been described in detail in this walk through - what you need to do, where you need to go, and what you get at the end. (Help from Wikipedia's Diablo II page)

All Diablo 2 quests are revealed here!

NEW: Save games of lvl 82 Sorceress!

Feast your eyes on high-level, fully legit characters. Baroness Korina is lvl 82 Ice Sorceress and King Rathma is the highest level HC mode char (lvl 72) on the BLOCK! Get him now. Other high-level heroes available too: Amazon, Sorceress, Barbarian, etc.

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