Diablo 3 CharactersDiablo 3 is a not exactly a news site, although we’d like to get everything confirmed by at least two sources. Sources usually copy each other, so it’s not exactly difficult. What this means that you need to treat all Diablo 3 news as Diablo 3 rumors.

Blizzard have been silent about a Diablo 3 release but there’s something cooking. It doesn’t make sense for them to leave a great franchise in eternal Hell!

Diablo 2 sold 2 million copies in pre-sales. Searches for Diablo 2 cheats and Diablo 2 map hacks are still pretty hot. No one’s going to argue with another Diablo sequal.

It seems that Blizzard are recruiting new Art Directors to work on Diablo 3. Rumor has it, they’ll be showing a trailer at E3. Amen.

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